God’s Bravest Warrior

An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley

To The World

07-07-03 AJ

    I just couldn’t let this day go by without praising my late husband Speaker Gerald Polley’s courage in making the choice he did to be made comfortable until the end.  He was bound he was going to have the chemotherapy treatments as long as he could to be able to work longer for God and America.  However,  he was in so much pain at one time, the nurses could barely touch him from the cancer in his on.  Before June 27th they had to give him the strongest they could without knocking him out. Then when he told the doctor and three nurses he was “done”, he couldn’t stand the pain any more he was knocked out most of the time.  The last time he talked to me was on June 27, 2,012 when he dictated his last message.  Here’s the link to this in case you missed it on our presidential campaign site.


    Also on this date before he dictated this message, Gerald told me he loved me more than anything, however he felt I wasn’t being realistic praying for a miracle which wasn’t going to happen, that he also wanted.  The nurses came in to clean him up afterward he dictated the message saying it wasn’t exactly how he wanted it but it would do. When I left I told him “See you later.”  The next day when I came back he was asleep.  As reported to me he briefly spoke with the nurse that night, then nothing except occasionally saying “Help me!” and putting his hands up to someone I couldn’t see.  One day he was very restless, sat up on the edge of the bed and told me “I need to get up.”  He wasn’t like himself. I hugged him and told him he couldn’t because he was too weak. 

    That’s the heartbreaking story of what went on.  God’s praises to the nurses who took care of Gerald until the very end  They are wonderful people who go above and beyond the call of duty, so to speak.  I’m so glad he was able to stay in the Rehab Center.

      However I think my husband is the bravest man in the world.  I don’t know anyone who could put up with pain like he had for as long as he did over the years.  I pray he is in The Afterlife hanging out with John Lennon, George Harrison, Michael Jackson and of course God as I mentioned before.  God bless all our spiritual friends for working with us all these years and still being with us.  Much love to you! 

    Now, a few comments on what’s in the news.  It’s scary that Obama seems to be showing his true nature in Ohio.  He was at a restaurant there.  The restaurant owner hugged him around 8 a.m. because she was a big fan.  Hours later she felt fatigue and a tingling feeling, then was taken to the hospital where she died of a heart attack!  It just shows how Obama is draining his fans of spiritual energy to continue his campaign.  You can’t say we didn’t warn you about this. 

    Happy birthday to The Dalai Lama who turned 77 on July 6th!  May he be healthy and happy, with us many years to come sharing his great wisdom.  He is yet another one of God’s favorite sons.

    Obama is messing up things a bar in Ohio on his campaign tour, when he asked jokingly that the TV be changed because it had Fox News on.  I guess he doesn’t care for God’s favorite news channel.  Maybe because they tell it like it is about him.

    The official report is in that actor Andy Griffith died of a heart attack.  It wouldn’t surprise me. He lived a long and happy life!  I’m not that familiar about his beliefs on the issues. Hope he’s doing ok over There.

    An Albuquerque woman tried to sell her soul for $2,000 on EBay who has a policy against advertising human remains. She was in a bad car accident in 2,007 and she feels too tired to go on.  The ad at last report was taken down.  I hope someone didn’t take her up on the offer.

    The state appeals court in New York rejected a try to repeal the gay marriage law saying closed door meetings between the governor, senators and supporters on the matter didn’t violate any laws.  Figures.  Unfortunately supporters of this mental illness can do no wrong according to this state. Keep fighting people!  Justice must be done!  Like Gerald said we can’t let a small, noisy minority take over the world.

    I know this post is a little early, however there was so many good news stories out there I had to write about them. 

    I know this post is a little early, however there was so many good news stories out there I had to write about them.  Last but not least I have a Word Press blog on our web site!  The address is http://www.voicesfromspirit.com/wordpress
to keep up with these latest posts.  I wish I hadn’t have waited so long to use this and, Windows Live Writer to edit also.

A Servant Of Him

That Dwells In

The Holiest Of All

Now, And, Forever

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Speaker Gerald Polley taken July 1, 1,012, three days before his death by Speaker Linda Polley.

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