God’s Christmas Victory

An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice Of God On Earth
To The World

23-12-03 AJ

    This is one time I’m glad to say this.  I told ya so!  The world didn’t end! Gerald said it wouldn’t on the 21st! Ha ha ha!  Now on to what’s happening out there.
    Victory! A federal appeals court in California has stopped the ban on gay conversion therapy because several families have benefited from it and sought the injunction since a lower court judge refused their request.  The law blocking it would’ve gone into effect January 1st.  like The Afterlife teaches, homosexuality and lesbianism are mental illnesses.  Of course the gay community wants to prove Them wrong. Never!
    Well, Speaker Boehner’s Plan B to avoid the fiscal cliff was apparently no good and has been trashed.  Now Obama vows to move ahead toward a solution. I say about time!  Let’s see if he’ll actually do something.  I feel so bad because I know he’s really trying.  All his hard work and people on line are making fun of him and saying he’s bad, not Obama.  I for one, will never think that way.  If he’s one of God’s favorite sons, I’m forever on his side.
    A new study says teens who use marijuana have no damage to their brain tissue as they would have with alcohol.  I say who did this study, teens who have used marijuana and burned out their brains?  I think they’re missing something in this study. 
    I was thoroughly disgusted to see that Obama wants to replace Hillary Clinton with John Kerry as secretary of state, who we remember as an epic fail from the 2,004 presidential election thanks to God’s Forces.  Here’s a song I channeled about him by Johann Sebastian Bach.   A link to the lyrics are below. They’re the second article on the page. The Afterlife definitely didn’t like him and still doesn’t.


    Well, I see The Pope has pardoned his former butler for stealing his private papers as a Christmas gift to him.  He is back in his apartment with his wife and children at The Vatican. However, The Vatican will find him another job and place to live soon as he can’t stay there any more.  He said the reason he stole the papers was he thought the Pope wasn’t being informed of “Evil and corruption” in the Vatican.  He figured exposing it publicly would get the church back on the right track. Obviously it didn’t work. DUH!  I think the Pope was being too kind. Oh well, I guess where it’s Christmas it’s a good enough excuse for him to do what he did.
    In London prosecutors are deciding whether to press charges on the two Australian DJs who impersonated The Queen and Prince Charles on the morning of December 4th to ask of Kate Middleton’s medical condition.  The nurse who put the call through thinking it was real, committed suicide.  These DJs have been suspended and their show taken off the air.  No one knows what charges they’re considering. We’ll just have to wait and see.  I think they should throw the book at them and then some. A person died from their foolishness!  Justice should be done.
    Way to go Madonna!  She told off the audience in Chile on Wednesday during a sound check because people were smoking there.  She also threatened to cancel her show.  She told them she can’t sing if they smoke.  Good!  There’s no need of that!
    Holy cow!  Betty Russell who lives in Alabama and is almost 77 years old fell asleep on her couch Thursday while watching TV.  She was woken up by rescue workers’ sirens hours later to find, to her dismay, a tornado had ripped a hole in her roof and caved in the southern section of her house!  She believes angels saved her because she didn’t go to bed, and the hole was right near her bed!  She believes her husband and son are two of the angels who saved her.  They were killed weeks before Christmas two different times.  She also collects angel statues.  I agree!  I definitely think the angels saved her.  I hope she has a good time with her family in Colorado for Christmas and is around for many years to come in good health.  She definitely sounds like one of God’s favorite daughters!
    I will be back with more messages after Christmas.  Everyone is busy and won’t be at work to receive them.  A happy and safe holiday to all.  Here’s the link to the holiday card I put together.  I didn’t have time to draw a picture for it but I think you’ll like it.


    Support The Christmas Buyers’ Strike! Save America, and, the world!
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