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An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice Of God On Earth
To The World

18-07-05 AJ


   Back with comments on what’s in the news. First however, news from the home front.  I want to say I had a great birthday.  My friends here had a birthday party for me during bingo half time.  It was my first actual party ever!  They gave me a cake, ice cream and a few gifts which are awesome.  I got myself a few small gifts online too.  However one thing kind of spoiled my day.  My food stamps have been cut down from over $150 a month too only $48.  The end of August I have to apply for fuel assistance, even though I don’t need it here, it’s just in case something happens and it’s not covered by my rent I guess, then supposedly I’ll get my normal amount of food stamps back. We’ll see. Let us pray!  Just have to stretch meals out until then like Gerald taught me how to do.
    I finally got a new caseworker, perfect timing with this going on.  She will help me with the paperwork and stuff like my other ones have in the past. 
   Also wanted to let everyone know I’ve finally done a new music video of one of my channeled songs.  I think you’ll love it.  Here’s the link.  The lyrics and description are on the site.


   Now a few comments on the national news.  So glad to see that one of God’s heroes, Speaker John Boehner is planning on suing Obama over the slipshod ways he’s been running this country.  Of course everyone wants him impeached but the Speaker is going this route for some reason.  Whatever I hope it works.  I have a feeling he’s got a plan.  It’s good to see someone so powerful stepping up to the plate and doing something about Obama’s attempts at trying to appear the big hero when he’s not accomplishing a thing.
    Speaking of God The Father, He’s pleased the people of Israel are taking military action against the insurgents in Gaza.  He of course is as upset as everyone else about the loss of civilian life during the strikes, especially concerning the children.  No matter what they say, the insurgents are using human shields, and they will pay the price for it in time.  However, The Children Of Israel have to stop the evil to protect their own children.  They are the chosen people of God.
     Our old friend The Aesir God Thor, is a little upset.  In the movies the story goes that somehow he becomes unworthy of wielding his famous hammer, and it is passed on to another, who ‘becomes’ Thor.  Well the story is Thor will now be played by a woman who inherits the hammer.  Thing is, Thor never did and never will become unworthy!  Of course The Gods realize the stories in the material world don’t always match up with what actually happened to them and people can take creative liberties with them.  But this just isn’t nice.  Thor and the other Gods of course has nothing against women.  However I have a feeling this new plotline just wouldn’t work, that the hammer would only operate properly with men.  In times like this I wish I had Gerald’s ability to find out for sure. Anyway, he’s just not happy about it at all.
    Just found out about this.  Condolences to the friends and family of the passengers and crew of the Malaysian Airlanes plane that was shot down near the Ukrainian border while travelling from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur.  There were 295 people on board and at least 22 bodies seen at the site where the plane came down after breaking up. Pro Russian separatists fighting in the area denied they did it.   Of course Obama immediately called his former good buddy President Putin.  What the hell happened?  Things are getting crazier and crazier!  Somebody definitely did it, and the poor innocent victims will have justice!  Hopefully soon!
    A giant hole has appeared in the ground in Siberia which has everyone wondering what made it.  It’s in a place where the name translates into The End Of The World.  There are lots of conspiracy theories out there about it.  They say  the most likely one is it’s caused by global warming.  Somehow, after checking out the pic, I don’t think they’re right.  What can I say? It’s a mystery!
  Our old friend Elgard has informed me that The Walrus Restaurant, in Bismarck, ND where Gerald worked last and unjustly fired him, is still operating under the same manager.  Something tells me they’re not doing very well.  I’m actually shocked they’re still in business!
   Support The National Buyers’ Strike! Save America, and, the world!
   Be sure to check out my blog, The Spiritual Connection, for my recent messages.


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