God’s Zombies

An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice Of God On Earth
To The World

01-08-03 AJ

    Back with the my comments about the latest national news.  I must start off with correcting a big typo I made in my last message!  I said "One of our old enemies Dick Cheney is speaking out saying that his choosing of Sarah Palin for his running mate in the 2,008 presidential election was a bad choice."  OOOPS! That was supposed to be  "Dick Cheney said McCain’s choosing of Sarah Palin as his running mate was a bad choice." Argh!  Well as I’ve said before I’m not perfect!  I apologize for this error!   I will try to be more careful with my messages in the future.
    I don’t think more protesters at military funerals is a great idea, however God’s blessings to 27 year old Melissa Mace of Seattle, Washington who decided to counter protest the Westboro Baptist Church’s protest of  a funeral at a military base there.  She posted the her plans to do this on Facebook and got several people to join her.  They showed up dressed as zombies with their picket signs!  They wanted to draw attention away from the negativity of the Church’s protest.  I guess it worked out very well!  Expect to hear much more about these special zombies, who are the real warriors for God.
    Congressional leaders believe they’ve been able to reach a deal to stop another battle concerning a possible government shut down.  Congress is on break until September. Then the budget issue would go to the next congress.  The federal government runs out of funds at the end of the fiscal year on September 30th.   People are thinking there’ll be a continuing resolution similar to the one that was passed last summer with the Budget Control Act.  That’s the one Republicans were hoping to get more cuts made with.  Things ought to be interesting since the election takes place about a month after the money runs out.  How will everyone manage to solve this problem on the long term?  Is it even possible to do so?
    More young women are being brave and standing up for their rights.  Three high school girls in Montclair, New Jersey, have started a petition to get a woman moderator for the  2,012 presidential debates.  They are doing very well with this!  They have over 120,000 signatures and have hand delivered their petition to The Commission On Presidential Debates, and, The Democratic And Republican National Committees.  Way to go!  God is very pleased!  Keep up the good work!  Here’s the link to their petition they also have on Change.org  I hope they achieve their goal.


    Scary stuff as a man in a Miami movie theater scared everybody out during another midnight screening of "The Dark Knight Rises" He was detained by people watching the movie then arrested.   He had gotten into a fight with another moviegoer, left, came back in wearing black gloves and screamed "This is it!"  Everyone in the theater ran out.  Some of them even forgot their shoes!  Fortunately no shooting took place.  This was just an irrational, drunk guy. He was charged with disorderly conduct and affray.  He told police "I didn’t shoot anybody!"  He now has an $8,000 bond which includes a former warrant for battery.  Good enough for him!
    Now for the weird stuff.  A 25 year old man in Prospect, Kentucky stole a text book about ethics, "Resolving Ethical Issues" from Barnes & Noble college book store, then went to Gray’s College Book Store and tried to sell it!  Both incidences were caught on the security cams, thusly when he tried to sell the book the employees at that store quickly took action!  Needless to say he didn’t have many ethics!  Also he was pretty stupid!
   Support The National Buyers’ Strike! Save America, and, the world!
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