Good Try

An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice Of God On Earth
To The World

20-09-03 AJ

    Things are a little bit slow in the news the last couple of days but I’m back to see what I can comment on.  First of all on the home front I went to a lawyer Wednesday and got a power of attorney for one of my nieces who is now also a good friend, and our old friend Elgard to take care of my stuff if anything happens to me then when I die they both get my belongings, or if one can’t handle this the other gets them all.  Now that everything’s all set with that and the burial plans, I got the mortuary trust, the urn with Gerald’s ashes in it, the inherited cemetery plot with our gravestone in place, I’m ready to move on with the rest of my life and keep fighting as Gerald wanted, to help save the world.   Oh, before I forget, I was thrilled to see from my Web Site Analytics from Go Daddy, over 300 clicks on several of my blog posts, and I was surprised to see the most visitors to my site are from China!  Why, I have no clue but do keep coming back!  It’s great to have someone in the world reading my stuff!  I was depressed the other day, wondering if it was worth it to keep writing then found out this! I guess it definitely is!  Thank you!   Speaking of the world..let’s get back to what’s happening in it.
     I see the anti abortion group Operation Rescue is now targeting Republican attorney general of Kansas, and a Republican district attorney there filing ethics charges after the two dropped charges against Planned Parenthood.  The charges were dropped under false pretenses. They couldn’t meet the “burden of proof.”  These anti abortionists just can’t take no for an answer!  They don’t really care about people, their blasphemy is all that matters.  I hope these attorney general who is seeking reelection this year keeps his job so he can keep doing God’s work.  It’s too bad that Monday the attorney general joined with the Republican secretary of state and  Lt. Governor when they delayed a decision by the state Objections Board concerning rather Obama is eligible to be on the ballot.  The attorney general sent someone to fill in for him and they voted to drop the complaint.  Probably if he’d have been there they wouldn’t have.  It was a good try anyway.
    Yes, the big storm everyone was talking about did get here, to Ellsworth, Maine early Wednesday morning with lots of rain and wind!  It woke me up a couple of times with the wind howling around my apartment building, and something was making a banging sound, probably a tree limb being pushed against the wall.  It was a wild night and some lost power, but not in my neighborhood. I wonder how that happened? Looks like I had some diligent protectors.
    I see someone else is listening to God, and that’s the people of Australia who have voted overwhelmingly with a vote of 98 to 42 against making gay marriage legal!  This is wonderful news, as I remember some time back God wasn’t very pleased with Australia, now it’s good to know things should be ok with this country once again. 
    Now the US has closed its Indonesia consulate because of the protests concerning the protests about the American anti Islamic film insulting The Prophet Muhammed.  Better to be safe than sorry!
    If I forgot to mention it before congratulations to our old friend Jimmy Kimmel for getting to host the Emmy awards this year!  Also, his show “Jimmy Kimmel, Live!” on ABC TV, which my husband Gerald  & I had the pleasure of appearing on four times in 2,004, will be moved ahead in the ABC schedule so he will be on opposite Letterman and Leno, instead of starting after midnight EST, something he’s wanted for years, direct competition with the late night talk show giants.  I think he has a damned good chance of coming out ahead!  I, personally think he’s the best late night talk show host in the world.  Maybe you think I’m prejudice but it’s the truth! Way to go Jimmy!  Here’s the link to my journal describing our visits to the show.

    Glad to see the stars of the “Twilight” films Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson are getting back together.  Hopefully Kristen has learned her lesson the hard way and won’t ever consider cheating on Rob again.
     Speaking of entertainment news I’m thrilled to see it’s almost time for  “The Hobbit” film to be released.  I for one plan to see this in the theater.  I own the other films of the series on DVD.  This one ought to be great too!
    Morons!  In Pennsylvania some people were sent to clean the Valley Of Fear Haunted House and ended up burning it down and causing $100,000 worth of damage in 45 minutes, by lighting fireworks from inside The Treasure Room.  The owners have decided to make Halloween even better by having two haunted houses, and still having their hayride, also expanding their haunted walk.  Sounds like it will be a great and scary time for all.  It’s good to see they’re not letting the demons keep them down!  I wish them a safe and happy Halloween.
    One last thing…as I missed having a message out yesterday, on Talk Like A Pirate Day, ARGGGHH!   I couldn’t resist!

FOOTNOTE:  There’s a big debate going on now concerning a small piece of papyrus written in fourth century dialogue with six lines on the front and back in the Coptic language that states Jesus said to them, meaning The Disciples, “my wife,” and then the next line reads “She will be able to be my disciple.”  How fitting that a woman should have this, Harvard professor Karen L. King, who discovered it, in the year God wanted to be for women, celebrating women.  We all know that this means this treasure is most likely authentic because Jesus, Himself told everyone He was married to Mary Magdalene in His Book my husband Gerald channeled some years ago.   Here’s a link to “The Book Of The Nazarene” which is free to read on our web site so you can see for yourself. Be sure to pass it on!

    Support The National Buyers’ Strike!  Save America, and the world!
    Be sure to check out my blog, The Spiritual Connection for my recent messages.

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