Google Goofed Again

An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice Of God On Earth
To The World

30-07-03 AJ

     Not much new on the home front today so let’s get right down to the national news.
   Congratulations to our old friend Jimmy Kimmel for his upcoming hosting of the primetime Emmy awards coming up in a couple of months.  This will be a three hour show with twenty-six awards being given. Jimmy and the producer are hoping to keep it fast paced and interesting.  Sounds like it’s going to be great!  I’ll definitely be watching even if I record it on DVR. 
     Still catching up on all the "Jimmy Kimmel, Live!" episodes I missed.  I have them saved up from way back in May!  I watched one Sunday from May 10th, the week that Gerald found out he had cancer.  It’s hard to believe so much went on so quickly.  It’s still kind of hard to believe he’s in The Afterlife now. 
    I was amazed to see a priest in The Catholic Church agrees with me on something!  I was emailing a friend about what happened with the Colorado theater massacre, saying that I thought that a demon had taken over the shooter for some reason.  That could be why he doesn’t remember committing the crimes if he’s not faking amnesia.  The Catholic priest is claiming that the murderer was possessed by a demon that caused him to do what he did.  At least there’s a few of the Catholics that may have some hope yet.
   I was shocked to read Saturday that Scotland may be legalizing gay marriage, next Sunday I read Vietnam could be the first Asian country to do this.   There’s no question of it things are not good.  As Gerald said in his last message "There are bad things coming."  He was very rarely wrong. 
    One of our old enemies Dick Cheney is speaking out saying that his chosing of Sarah Palin for his running mate in the 2,008 presidential election was a bad choice.  That’s what we’ve been saying all along. Too bad it takes some people so long to figure these things out, after it’s way too late.
    Speaking of bad things, another horrendous incident of a father freaking out apparently because he had recently gotten separated from his wife.  This time it happened in Massachusetts.  This guy killed his 7 year old daughter, shot his 9 year old son in the head who is now in the children’s hospital in serious condition, then killed himself. A family member who lives upstairs from them had called 911.  The murderer’s  poor wife came home to discover everything!  There is no excuse for something like this!  Something tells me that he didn’t even get to The Afterlife before going poof forever.  I hope the boy will be ok.
     Google apparently goofed.  They had promised to delete all persona data such as emails, its Street View cars had collected in Britain and some other countries in 2,010.  Unfortunately somehow this didn’t happen.  This data had been collected from unsecured wireless networks in over 30 countries!  Google still has in its possession a small portion of this information and apologizes for not getting rid of it.  Their privacy counsel says they need to immediately supply the data so it can be studied for forensic analysis before it can be decided what should be done with it.  Google was also fined $25,000 last April for an upcoming investigation by The U.S. into Street View data collection.  That’s definitely an expensive ooops!  I’m sure they’ll be more careful from now on. 
      Some interesting news from one of my favorite countries, India.  One of their Bollywood film actors,  28 year old Sherlyn Chopra, will be the first woman from there to have nude photos in Playboy Magazine!  She wrote to them asking to pose for them and she will be featured in their November issue.  All adult magazines are banned in her country.  Many people in India are turning against her because they don’t approve of this type of thing.  I say more power to her!  If it’s what she wants to do go for it.  I think it may make her more popular, and not in a bad way.  However her idea of possibly starring in sex movies….she should reconsider that.
    Support The National Buyers’ Strike! Save America and, the world!
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