Great Day!

An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
To The World

16-07-03 AJ

       Back with more comments on the news, but first I want to report that I had a wonderful birthday!  I’m sure Gerald is pleased with me.  My neighbor gave me a ride to the bank so I could make a deposit, then to Wal Mart.  First I got my hair cut and it came out great!  Here’s a link to a pic of this.

Then I found the Crosley stereo Gerald wanted to buy for over ten years was there and only $99.99.  So I got it. The lowest price ever.  In North Dakota it was $150.  On line it was over $100.  Then I found a scanner printer for $29.99!  I got that and the USB cable the man showed me to connect it to a lap top.  After this I got some groceries with my food stamps, called the $4.00 cab and got home with it all.  Sat up the stereo and it’s awesome! It plays vinyl albums, which I have several of, 45s, and I still have those, it also has an AM/FM radio and a cassette tape player.  It looks like an old fashioned record player.  Here’s the link to a picture I took of this.

    Friday night my friend Andrea gave me a stuffed bear for my collection and a binder to put my songs in.  Here’s the link to a pic of the bear. He’s so cute!

Then Saturday night I went out to dinner at the new Governor’s restaurant. Their sirloin tips are the best I’ve ever had!  Lastly, I went to the movies for the first time in Ellsworth and saw Spiderman. It was excellent!  The bad thing was I chose to walk home after and I’ll never do that again at night.  The path to my place down the hill is too dark.  Anyway, got the stereo up and running and Sunday morning despite several power outages installed the printer!  I scanned the last two pics Gerald ever drew by hand at the Rehab Center.  Here’s a link to those.  They will be in the art gallery when I can get to it along with his other works that didn’t get up there.

   Also here’s the link to one he did on my laptop, the last computer art he ever drew.

    However, it was a fantastic birthday.  I’m sure Gerald had something to do with that.  I know Those in The Afterlife enjoyed the movie and will be playing and singing along with the music I play on the stereo.  Before I got the stereo I was playing some of our favorite songs on the computer, and I was trying to remember some of the funny comments Gerald used to say when we played them over the years.  On the “Ghostbusters theme I heard him say one of them just as plain.  I told him “I didn’t remember that. Thanks! I can hear you!”  It was great. He’s made a couple other small comments since.  Here’s the official video of the song by Ray Parker Jr. on You Tube.

Anyway, now on to the news.   Obama is saying he won’t apologize to Romney for saying during his tenure at Bain Capital the private equity firm based in Boston shipped jobs overseas.  Of course Romney says he wasn’t there at the time however the company lists him as the CEO, chairman and, president!  I’m kind of scared what they’ll attack each other on next.  Whatever, they’re both showing very clearly why they’re both unelectable.

Very disturbing to read that a teenage lesbian who was shot in the head in a Texas park last month and her girlfriend killed at the scene is helping police to find the man who murdered her girlfriend.  As my husband Gerald mentioned many times, we do not support homosexuality and lesbianism, but we don’t approve of the bullying of them, or unwarranted attacks of any kind.  I hope they find this guy.  There’s no need of this violence whatsoever. 

    I see that actress Celeste Holm has died at 95.  She had a good long life and prosperous career, though it is reported by a relative she had financial difficulties near the end of her life and was estranged from her sons.  Hopefully those things can be straightened out when they all meet in The Afterlife in the future.  I have enjoyed her work. May she do well over There.

      Sir Paul McCartney and Bruce Springsteen were singing a couple of The Beatles songs for fans in Hyde Park, London the other night when their microphones were turned off. They had already exceeded the 10:30 p.m. sound curfew which was set to help residents who complain about late night noise and nuisance.  The performers didn’t get to thank their audience but I’m sure everyone there had a great time.  I hope there’ll be a You Tube video of this concert up soon.

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