Happy Birthday John!

An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice Of God On Earth
To The World

29-09-11 AJ


     Another last minute blog post for September.  Apologies this is so late once again, that’s because I was having problems with my software concerning the surprise I have for you.
     As you know my late husband Speaker Gerald A. Polley had written many, many stories during the 40 years we were married  I have sci fi, historical fiction, fantasy you name it he came up with some phenomenal stuff which I wish I could find a publisher for.  Here, as a birthday gift for our dear friend the spirit of John Lennon, formerly of The Beatles, I have put together one of the longest historical fiction books he came up with, I’ve published on our web site.   It’s called “Mindon’s Ring”, and here’s the link.


   I hope everyone will enjoy it and pass it on.  It’s one of Gerald’s and John’s favorites.  I plan to publish more as time goes on.   Some I even have to type on the computer from longhand!   Sorry about the lack of a cover with art work, or a dedication page, but like I say I was kind of rushed.   The fourth time was the charm trying to get it put together!  I’m learning how to do stuff a little at a time here.  Happy Birthday, John Lennon!  October 9, 1940.
      Well enough about me.  What’s going on in the world?  Not much good right now I’m afraid!  There’s a possible government shut down possibly happening soon unless the Democrats get their act together and help to do something to avoid it.  Hopefully it won’t happen before payday if it does come to pass! 
     As we all knew would happen The Taliban are gaining more and more back every day now our troops have come home. 
     Former President Trump is going around making speeches again.  The slogan I saw on his podium somewhere I think was “Take America Back”  Well, let’s  hope something works to help our situations.  If this is correct why do I sense a new song coming on?
     Apologies for not having much to  write about here. Just wanted to touch base and let you know about the story.
      Oh!  Almost forgot!  To all Wild Earth fans  out there, I highly recommend you get the Xumo app.  Their channel now is 24/7 and they have some new shows they’re adding to it besides having the daily game drives on there. There’s a diving show and a penguin one too!  Enjoy!  And do feel free to pass the news on.   Also there’s tons of other channels available on the app.
    That’s about it for today.  Hopefully more good news to write about next month!
       Be sure to check out my blog, The Spiritual Connection, for my recent messages.


A Servant Of Him
That Dwells In
The Holiest Of All
Now, And, Forever

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