Happy New Year!

An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice Of God On Earth
To The World

31-12-10 AJ


Sorry it’s taken me so long to write here, but holy cow, what a month!  Along with everything going on in the world, I bought myself a new UpWalker, a local group gave me a new winter coat for Christmas, and all kinds of other stuff went on, fortunately nothing bad. Here’s the link to a page where you can see pictures of me & my new coat.


      Hope everyone had a good Christmas.  I did.  And I’m wishing you all Happy New Year!   It’s got to be better than this year, right?  Keeping everything crossed it is.  Stay safe. Be happy. Give thanks for all the good things you have every day and it should be all right.
    Now that’s done, I only have one complaint.  That’s about all the hassle concerning the next Stimulus package from the government to help the American people.  I must say I’m surprised at some of the people that jumped on board to support it, first the $600 and now the $2,000 that President Trump ordered.  
     However my complaint is, I remembered last Stimulus payment I received a paper check by snail mail when I have direct deposit.  When I called the bank they didn’t understand why that happened, only suggested I called the IRS and gave me their toll free number.  After about a half an hour’s wait the person who answered told me for some reason last time the bank rejected the deposit, and will do the same again.  So obviously I’ll be receiving a paper check again by snail mail. They told me it couldn’t be changed to direct deposit.  
     I’m grateful to be getting the money whichever way it happens.  However this makes me feel like a “second class citizen” when my friends and neighbors will all be getting direct deposited funds.  I guess as they say, ours is not to reason why, as long as we get the money. That’s what counts.  I was heartbroken because I have big plans for this.  I want to pay off my new walker and make a big donation to my favorite organization, Wild Earth.  Anyway, like they say I’ll just have to keep my patience pants on until my check gets here.  I’m just so relieved that passed and now they’re negotiating a $2,000 payment to the people!  Then I will pay off three of my oldest bills!  Let us pray!
     Last but not least blessings to all who helped the Covid 19 vaccines out to the people!  Let’s hope everyone gets them in time.  Oh, and I can’t find words bad enough to describe how I feel about the guy who deliberately destroyed something like five boxes of the vaccine.  We all know what will happen to him in the future in The Afterlife!
    To finish off the year here’s a link to the Christmas card I made very late in the season.  I was just able to get it out there to Facebook and Twitter.  Now you can all check it out!  Hope you enjoy it! 


    Stay safe and well, and most of all have a Happy New Year!
    Be sure to check out my blog, The Spiritual Connection, for my recent messages.


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