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27-08-03 AJ

   Back again with my comments on the news.  On the home front things are going very well here, I’m pleased to say.  However Friday I went for a cataract evaluation by an optometrist I’ve never gone to before.  After all the wait and preparation for the exam it turns out my Maine Care medical coverage as of September 1st won’t be covering surgeries done at surgery centers like the facility I went to had, only at  hospitals.  I was needless to say, very upset!  They put me down for January in the hopes that this decision would be reversed.   When I got home I talked to one of my neighbors and good friends.  She recommended her doctor.  I called them, and have an appointment for September 25.   I cancelled the January appointment.  If I had paid for the cataract removal myself it would’ve cost me $822.00 an eye!  Sorry people, but there’s no way! 
    I don’t remember if I mentioned this before but I am changing banks because all of a sudden the one I have is charging $8.00 a month service charge.  Soon I won’t have to worry about that any more.  Lots of changes.  I’m having to make several decisions I didn’t think I’d ever have to make.  On another matter, I’ve not only purchased the companion urn and the plaque to go on it for my late husband Gerald & I, I have bought a grave marker now I know where our ashes will be.  I will be going to Belfast a week from Monday to have Gerald’s ashes placed in the urn.  I have also ordered a keepsake pendant to keep some of his ashes with me and a lock of his hair, as a powerful spiritual artifact.  It’s made of stainless steel.  That’s about it for here.
    So sad to hear that Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon has died.  He had a good, long life!  He was 82 years old.  It’s upsetting that this was from complications after cardiac bypass surgery, the bypass is supposed to help you.  Unfortunately epic fail in this case. Like they say it doesn’t work for everybody.  He most certainly was a great American hero!  Now he has taken the ultimate giant step.  I’m sure he is blessed. 
    Way to go!  A documentary film being called an anti Obama movie has outsold all other movies opening this weekend!  It’s called “2016: Obama’s America.”  I’d love to see it!  So glad someone that is trying to get the truth out there is doing so well!  Keep up the good work! 
    Congratulations to one of God’s favorite sons, Arnold Schwarzenegger, his new film “Expendables 2” is number one at the box office!  Another one I’d love to see.
    More trouble brewing for The Republicans at their National Convention this week.  Cardinal Timothy Dolan, who is quite a character, is set to give the closing blessing there on August 30th right after Romney is officially nominated.  Apparently CatholicVote.org has endorsed Romney. However many people believe that Cardinal Dolan’s appearance there will damage the church’s reputation and ability to be a voice for the voiceless.   He has known Paul Ryan, Romney’s running mate, for years, as he is Catholic. They have been to each other’s houses.  The Cardinal considers him a “great public servant” and says he admires him greatly.  Well, I guess if The Church’s reputation gets worse, then, this will have definitely helped it to!  Way to go Pope John Paul II who is working for God doing his best to bring The Catholic Church down. 
    I have to shake my head at the sick goings on with the New York City court where a gay judge is challenging his father’s will which says he must marry his child’s mother within six months after its birth for the child to get his huge inheritance.  The judge and his male partner hired a surrogate mother who was impregnated with donated sperm, that gave birth to a son that is now two years old. They then got married in Connecticut within six months of the baby’s birth.  The will is written in this manner because the judge’s father wanted to make sure that the child is legally the heir, from a legally recognized and committed relationship.  He knew his son was in a committed relationship with another man.  He even went places with them when he was alive.  However, it looks like the will is no good, in the son’s case, because it’s been determined “that if its intent was that he marry a woman, it would induce the breakup of an existing family and would be unenforceable against public policy.”  I don’t understand all this legal stuff, whatever the case I don’t believe the boy should get the inheritance.  A will is a sacred document, and the person’s wishes should be honored.  I don’t know what will happen with it now.  The court is trying to give the inheritance to the judge’s grandchildren instead.   It’s so sad when I child loses out on what it should have because those caring for it have a mental illness.
    Lastly, I’ve just read that two members of the Russian female punk band Pussy Riot have fled Russia to avoid prosecution for their Putin protest in the church in February.  It’s reported that “even as the judge was reading the verdict on the three who were arrested one who escaped was playing the band’s latest song “Putin sets the fires of revolutions,” from the balcony of an apartment building across the street.  The two members who fled are recruiting foreign feminists who will join them in new protests.”  It’s not revealed where they went.  Even though I’ve read that a couple of their band members are gay I’m on their side.  I fight injustice!  You tell ’em girls!
    Support The National Buyers’ Strike!  Save America and, the world!
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