Imagine Again

An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice Of God On Earth
To The World

10-06-04 AJ

     Back after an interesting weekend with news updates.  First I had trouble with You Tube not wanting to monetize my last video, “Imagine Again,” asking if I had proof the material belonged to me.  Upon further investigation I learned others were having trouble with Windows Movie Maker changing their user licensing policies saying it could only be used for noncommercial videos.  Well, I’m not sure if this was true but I went and bought Corel Video Studio Pro X6 which CAN be used for commercial purposes and is awesome, especially so the sale price on the Corel web site.  It’s taking some getting used to and has several special effects.  I’ve tried a couple on my latest effort, “Stand Up!” Hope you’ll check it out and pass it on.  The description is important too.

    Also last Thursday I received my replacement piano keyboard.  It’s excellent!  And the cracked one was put to good use!  A neighbor bought it from me for her granddaughter.  Everybody wins!
    Have made another music video!  I found my song lyrics on a flash drive and printed them out.  Hope you’ll keep checking my channel.   “Where Has Our Sunshine Gone?”  Yet another one of my favorite songs.

    Now on to the national news front.  Sad to hear Nelson Mandela, the one who God The Father wanted to take Jesus’ Throne while he’s in the material world,is back in the hospital with a recurring lung infection. He’s in stable but serious condition.  It’s particularly scary since he’s 94.  Last time he was in the hospital besides the infection he had pneumonia and had fluid drained from his lung.  Really wondering how this will turn out.   Healing prayers are on their way!
    So horrible the Santa Monica College shooting on Friday!  Five people are dead fortunately including the shooter,  and unfortunately several more wounded. I’ve heard that the two dead in the house fire that happened first were the shooter’s father and brother.  The scariest thing is my actress friend Lorielle New went for a long walk that day and walked right by where the house was burning!  The shooter was there just a short time before! So glad she’s  ok.  Also glad no one will have to worry about him again!  Prayers to the victims and their families.  Really makes you wonder what’s becoming to the world.  It sounds like to me these people whose souls have been destroyed in their bodies by God’s Forces for doing evil, the ‘real zombies’ so to speak, are getting fed up and resorting to this horrific stuff begging to be shot and killed, to end their so called existences forever.  I may be wrong but I’m just sayin’.
    I say good enough for him!  The so-called man who kidnapped the three young women in Ohio and held them prisoner in his house for ten years faces 329 charges for this!  This includes murder for causing one of the women to have a miscarriage, the other charges are, kidnapping, and rape.  I hope he gets the death penalty!  They can’t get rid of this guy soon enough for me.  A definite waste of oxygen as our old friend Elgard says.
    Obama may have done a good thing for a change.  He has meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping about several important issues the main one being the alleged cyber theft on the US internet from his country.   Obama told him that something definitely needs to be done or to stop this, or its really going to hurt our economic relationship with China.  Somehow I’ve got a feeling though the meeting itself won’t bear much fruit so to speak.  I hope I’m wrong. Something needs to be done about the hackers!
    Now here’s something different!  Democrats are using everyday phrases to tell how they feel about Republican leaders?  Rep. John Yarmuth from Kentucky said he just wanted to keep his comments simple about Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who is a Republican, also from Kentucky, and simply stated he sucks! Now all the other politicians that were at the at the event for the Jefferson County Democratic Party in Kentucky are complaining about it saying among other things that “the liberals are coming completely unhinged.”  Give me a break!  People complain politicians use overly complex terminology when they give speeches and such now one doesn’t and there’s all this!  Sigh. 
    Scary!  In a Chicago high school cafeteria they served spaghetti marinara for lunch.  Unfortunately someone had spiked the sauce with some of an almost toxic hot sauce called “Da Bomb”.  This sent three of the cafeteria staff members to the hospital just from inhaling the fumes of the sauce.  Police have arrested the student who came up with the prank. He will be charged with misdemeanor battery as a juvenile.  It’s reported that one brand of hot sauce called “Final Answer Hot Sauce” “has almost as many Scoville unites as pepper spray”!  Who in the world can eat that stuff?  More importantly who would want to? This brings to mind a story Gerald used to tell, about some kid who worked in a restaurant with him that thought it was funny to put hot sauce in his lunch.  He noticed this immediately and threw it away. He also knew who did it and made the kid drink almost a whole bottle of the stuff as punishment.  It was most certainly more of a punishment the next day!  Gerald said “Nobody messes with my food….nobody!”
    I have to also relate the food prank story Gerald told me many times about some guy that he worked with in a restaurant that thought it would be funny to put cooked oatmeal in his boots.  Gerald made him eat it!  I don’t think he ever wanted to do that again.
    Support The National Buyers’ Strike! Save America, and the world!
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