It Wasn’t Ants In Their Pants

An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice Of God On Earth
To The World

01-02-04 AJ

    Wow!  It’s hard to believe January is over already!  Been some crazy weather out there, even here in Maine.  It’s been raining the last few days and very windy.  People are saying it was a January thaw.  Whatever, some weird stuff going on, like John Lennon’s song by the same name says.  Well, let’s see what else is going on out there. 
    I may be wrong  but I personally don’t believe the glitch in Obamacare was accidental.  Some families are getting priced out of health insurance.  IRS regulations issued Wednesday didn’t fix the problem.  In other words poor people won’t be able to afford insurance at work or at home unless some stuff in Obamacare is changed.  Gerald & I knew that would happen all along.  Kind of makes you wonder. Hmmmmm.
    How disgusting is it that on the Sports Illustrated Super Bowl cover picture there are two men kissing in the background!  How the mighty have fallen.  I remember when we were mentioned in this magazine.  I think it was about Babe Ruth’s comments on the baseball strike.  I would not touch another issue if they support homosexuality.  I won’t support them either.
    Hillary is saying she doesn’t have any other political plans except to write another book.  She’d like to sleep in for a change.  I’m not counting on this.  She’ll probably get bored and start a campaign again. Not if God can prevent her from changing her mind!
    I hate to tell Garfield the cartoon cat this, but it looks like Abu Dhabi might not be such a bad place to live after all though true it is very far away from here.  The other day their Crowned Prince was riding through town with his motorcade when he saw a little girl who looked lost and scared.  She told the Prince she was wating for her father to pick her up there.  He offered her a ride home, but she told him she knew he was the Prince but had been told not to accept rides from strangers. The Prince then decided to stick around until her father showed up and keep her safe.  Sheikh Mohammed was taking a break while preparing to meet with King Abdullah of Jordan on Wednesday when this happened.  Blessings to him from The Afterlife for this wonderful act of kindness!  He actually sat on the curb beside the girl!  There’s a picture on the internet.  I suggest you check it out when you can.  Here’s the link to the Huffington Post page featuring it.  Just makes you want to give this guy a friendly hug or handshake for his kindness.

    So sad the fire at the Brazil Kiss nightclub that killed 234 people. All of this horror because a band member set off pyrotechnics meant for outdoor use because the indoor ones were more expensive!  It even cost their accordion player his life.  However at least one of those who died was a real hero.  Lt. Leonardo Lacerda Machado escaped the fire but went back and rescued one person. When he went back a second time to rescue a fellow officer he was overcome by the smoke and died.  They say he was the son every father wished he had.  I know God The Father is very pleased He was there to help.  Condolences to family and friends.  I’m sure he’s safe in The Afterlife.  And remember people, a warning on a package is there for a reason and shouldn’t be ignored because of lack of funds.
    Congratulations to Justin Bieber who is at the top of  the pop charts for “Believe Acoustic” and is believed will be number 1 next week.  Unfortunately he’s not getting a Grammy award.  He’s o.k. but not really my kind of music.  I’m still disturbed by those reports of him smoking pot with rappers.  I guess it’s happened with almost all the famous musicians, but that doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do.  Hopefully he’ll figure that out.
    Lastly, two women were arrested JFK Airport last Saturday for wearing diapers with cocaine in them.  They came there from the Dominican Republic.  They seemed nervous and were checked out by a drug sniffing dog, then, after a pat down consented to strip search. Silver plastic wrapper was around their bottoms like a girdle and inside the wrapper was the cocaine, 6.5 kilos!  They were arrested and jailed for smuggling. One has been released on bail.  Talk about candidates for the Darwin award!  If you have cocaine in your pants why would you consent to a strip search?  DUH!  I just don’t get it and maybe that’s a good thing!
    Support The National Buyers’ Strike!  Save America and, the world!
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