It’s No Surprise

An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice Of God On Earth
To The World

04-08-03 AJ

     It’s hard to believe, it’s exactly a month today since my husband of 40 years, Speaker Gerald Polley joined his loved ones in The Afterlife.  It’s still difficult for me to believe that actually happened but I know all too well it did. I’m still fighting, as he wanted, the only way I know how, with these messages.  Hope they’re helping and bringing everyone some positive energy. Though sometimes it’s very hard for me to do this.   I’m still hearing him make small comments every once and a while. I know he’s watching out for me and giving me some encouragement.
    Well I did it again.  Friday I went to Wal Mart to buy a DVR or a DVD/VCR player and ended up with a new t.v. instead!  Everything I wanted to buy wouldn’t hook up to the old t.v. so I checked my figures, found out I’d still have enough for the bills and rent and decided to go for it.  26" flatscreen with surround sound.  Got to be good for something.  Like I told the man who helped me in the store with it, "I’ve got to get out of The Dark Ages somehow!"  So I’m trying to upgrade things I haven’t been able to for years while I can and still have funds for the necessities.  When I got the t.v. home I heard Gerald say "You better be good, now you got that t.v.."  I forgot he used to say that when he bought me something that cost a lot until I heard it here.  Not very good for the buyers’ strike, but it’s not every day I can do this thank goodness!
    So glad to see that Congress has made a ruling the banning of picketing military funerals two hours before or after the service!  Of course the Westboro Baptist Church doesn’t think this will last.  They think God is on their side.  Like our friends Kevin & Bean at KROQ in Los Angeles would say "Nope dot com!"  All I can say is ROTFLMAOTTPOCA!  Too bad.  (Oh that chat phrase is from our friend Elgard.  It stands for "Rolling on the floor laughing my ass off to the point of cardiac arrest.") 
   Now, what else is going on in the world?  Sorry to hear that Rosie O’Donnell’s girlfriend has a very rare disease called desmoid tumors, which act like cancer but aren’t.  Not surprising considering all the negativity they are creating around each other with their lesbianism.  They are doing everything they can to create awareness of this disease, and to get donations for the Desmoid Tumor Research Foundation to find a cure someday.  Needless to say this is postponing their so called wedding. 
    Ya gotta love it!  The Republican National Committee is sending Obama mocking birthday cards because he’ll soon be 51.  I guess it’s kind of tradition for them.  Keep up the good work!
    Ha! Good!  China is speaking out against Hillary Clinton saying she doesn’t know as much about the facts in Africa as she thinks she does, or she’s ignoring them.  She has implied that China has been extracting Africa’s wealth for itself.  China of course is saying this isn’t true.  Way to go people!  Tell it like it is. 
    Kind of a slow news day.   Be back next time! 
    Support The National Buyers’ Strike! Save America, and, the world!
    Check out my blog The Spiritual Connection, for my recent messages.

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The Holiest Of All
That Is Now Resting In Los Angeles

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