It’s Official

An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice Of God On Earth
To The World

02-04-04 AJ

     Things have been kind of slow but I’m finally back with more national news.   Took some time off for the Easter weekend, and had a good one. I had some issues with Microsoft which have since been professionally cleared up concerning my Office Home & Student 2013.  They thought I had Office 365, the program you rent by the month.  They took a $10.49 out of my checking account for this via my Pay Pal account, that’s how I realized what was going on.  This has been refunded, and I now have the correct version of Microsoft Office again. I had to reinstall it because they accidentally gave me a refund for the entire program not just the $10.49!  So confusing!  However despite all this I highly recommend Microsoft’s products.  Their tech support is excellent too.  That over with let’s see what’s going on in the world.
     I guess most of the world is out to prove God wrong.  My late husband Gerald said several times that North Korea would never attack The US because they’re not stupid they don’t want their country to commit suicide which it would be because The US would wipe them out in no time.  He got this information from God The Father.  Now, however Kim Jong- un has ordered missiles on standby to attack any US bases and the US itself!  The US has sent radar evading missiles just in case the worst happens.  I guess over the wekend since this story first broke there is now only a declaration of war against South Korea.  They’ve sent jet fighters to help out the South also.   Still too scary!  In the middle of it all North Korea’s parliment is meeting. Also they’ve got a new prime minister.  This is too close to what happens in one of Gerald’s fiction stories, “The Fighting President.”  Let’s hope the events in this book don’t happen!  Here’s the link to it. You can read it online free.

    So glad to hear someone is  making sense!  The murderer in the Colorado theater shootings has a chance to be given the death penalty for his crimes.  Let us pray!  Something needs to be done!
    Looks like The Supreme Court is still working on the gay marriage issue. I find I agree with Georgia GOP Chairwoman Sue Everhart, warned that if it becomes legal for gay partners to get health care benefits from their significant others, there might be  a lot of fake gay marriages going on out there so partners would be able to get benefits.  She says people would have a gay wedding then live separately, being straight all along, and get the health benefits.  She says it’s in no way about equality but about a ‘free ride.’  The movie “I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry” was about a couple of straight firemen acquiring domestic partnership status, similar to what she describes.  And it’s said what this lady explained is theoretically possible.  However there’s no evidence of widespread fraud in the nine states in which gay marriage is legal, or, The District Of Columbia.  She also says she doesn’t understand  how two gay people could have sex, and if it was natural they’d have the “the right equipment to have a sexual relationship.”  I say this is one smart lady!  Keep up the good work!
    Some people will use any excuse to keep something legal that shouldn’t be.  Now it’s discovered the marijuana industry is giving hope to decreasing labor unions!  That’s not the way to do things people.  You need something that’s completely legit and will stay that way. 
    Though as you know Everyone in The Afterlife’s favorite late night talk show host is Jimmy Kimmel.  However God The Father, Himself, also likes Conan O’Brien.  So it’s no wonder his TBS contract has been renewed through November!  Congratulations!  There should be a variety of late night choices out there.  Hey, Conan, I’d like to sing some songs I’ve channeled from The Afterlife on your show some day!  I highly doubt he’d even consider it, not even via Skype.  I’m glad, however, he’s still going to be on.  We all know the saying about if everybody liked the same thing.
   I see the creatures of Darkness were at work Easter Sunday in Ohio, where a man brought a gun to Easter services, got up to the pulpit yelling how this was the will of God and Allah, and killed his father with a single gunshot!  Fortunately everyone else got out of there ok.  He has an extensive criminal record.  There was no evidence of any previous discourse between him and his father however.  Looks like this time justice will be done.
    LOL! Google’s April Fool’s Day joke for this year involved telling people there was a Google Nose BETA program where you could search for smells on the search engine!  Good one!  But who knows I wouldn’t put it past somebody some day to invent it!
   On another personal note, it’s official!  Book 4 of our History, The Book Of The Voice is now fully copyrighted!  I got the approved form back Monday.  Here’s the link to that in case you missed it before.

     I’m moving right along on Book 5.  Will keep you posted on my progress!  I’ve also got the next of Gerald’s fiction books scanned and am putting it together for  You gotta love technology….when it works!
    Support The National Buyers’ Strike! Save America and, the world!
    Be sure to check out my blog, The Spiritual Connection, for my recent messages.

A Servant Of Him
That Dwells In
The Holiest Of All
Now, And, Forever

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