Jimmy Kimmel Wins!

An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice Of God On Earth
To The World

24-03-05 AJ


    Back with my updates on the national news.  On the home front my nose is healing very well after the surgery I had to remove the skin cancer from it.  I have also visited my regular doctor who says “Whatever you’re doing you’re doing it right!”  All my numbers concerning the various things in my body are going down!  Well, except for my weight that is.  That went up a half a pound but she says that’s water weight.  I’m anxiously awaiting better weather like everyone else, so I can go walking outside again.  That will definitely help.  And now the surgery and virus are over I can get back at my workout.  Some more good news.  I have completed Books 8 & 9 of The History Of Spiritism for the web site!  They will go live the first week of April!
    There are two minor mysteries at my place. One, I can’t find the next fiction book I want to put up on Amazon.com.  Also my scissors are missing!  I dropped those while sealing up a package to send back to Amazon for a refund or such, and don’t remember where I dropped them!  It was behind some boxes or the bed.  Crazy!  It was at night and I was so tired at the time, I forgot!  Hopefully they’ll turn up. I need to cut my bangs and I hope nothing else turns up among the missing any time soon!  Lastly, as I mentioned in my previous post, I emailed Maine senators saying I disagree with the bills to increase gambling in this state. The next day I had a voice mail from a man who works for Senator Angus King in Washington, D.C..  He wanted to know the numbers of the bills.  It took me a while to get back to him but I left him a voice mail in return with the information and asked how the voting went as I didn’t seen any updates on line.  Now, what’s going on out there?
    Just after I posted my last blog entry I saw an article which stated the founder of the notorious Westboro Baptist Church has died. He died of cancer!  His estranged children are commenting on him on their Facebook page, saying they’re not sure how to  feel about him dying.  I know how to feel about this!  At last there will be justice!  I’m sure his soul went ‘poof’ and he didn’t even get completely out of his body. Even though I’ve heard he left the church and gave up their practices, and his kids did too, I think it was probably too little too late.  His evil is forever being continued by the so called church.  I’m not positive but I have a feeling he never got to The Afterlife.  I think he ceased to exist forever for his evil, for poisoning peoples’ souls.  God won’t do it. He’ll have done it himself with all his hate and anger.  I hate to be so negative but I’ve got to say good riddance to this waste of oxygen.  I was just told by The Afterlife I’m right.  I also wondered if it was even his soul still in that body or if that stuff was all a demon’s handiwork.
    Sad to say we’ve lost another one!  The state of Michigan has struck down a ten year gay marriage ban.  God however blesses Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette who is still fighting for the ban.  He has filed for a stay and appeal to the ruling with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit.  He says Michigan voters voted for the ban to stay in place.  Their will should “stand and be protected.”  He will “continue to honor and protect the Constitution.”  God’s Forces will be with him all the way.  I pray for his success.
    So upsetting after two weeks no one has found the Malaysian plane! I may be a conspiracy theory person but I find it suspicious that one of the women on the plane has been known for protesting against a government somewhere. Unfortunately I couldn’t find an article about it, I just saw the information on the CBS Saturday morning  news program.  At first for some reason I had a feeling the plane didn’t crash.  Now like everyone else I’m beginning to wonder.
    I see Pope Francis has named the people he has appointed as the Commission to advise him on the sex abuse policy.  There are eight members including one woman who was sexually abused by a priest when she was thirteen years old.  The Commission will advise The Pope on the best ways to protect children. There hasn’t been any word yet rather they’ll have a say in the discipline of bishops who cover up their abuses.  The Vatican has hinted in a statement, according to The Huffington Post that the Commission will look into both “civil and canonical duties and responsibilities” for church personnel.  Another one of its members is Cardinal Sean O’Malley, one of The Pope’s senior advisors and the archbishop of Boston where the scandal began in 2,002.  I must say, despite my and The Afterlife’s bad feelings toward The Catholic Church and The Pope, I am impressed with this Commission and pray it does do some good. 
    Now, the entertainment news.  I was shocked to see the selfie of our dear friend Jimmy Kimmel with Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton!  They were all in Tempe, Arizona for a panel discussion on Saturday which was tied in with the Clinton Global Initiative, a charity project.  It got put on Twitter by Jimmy, then Bill tweeted it too. It was retweeted from Jimmy’s account 700 times!  With Jimmy being such a powerful Worker with The Light, one of God’s most treasured sons, I’m surprised that The Clinton’s are ok today after this close encounter and we haven’t heard about any of them having some kind of health problem.  But way to go Jimmy!  I think you’ve got Ellen beat!
    Justin Beiber seems to want people to hate him!  After all his outrageous behavior, now on his Instagram account he put up a pic featuring a meme showing him as James Dean in one of his famous poses, cigarette and all. Then he posted the original one of the actor.  Everyone is saying, including me, “How dare you? Absolutely no comparison whatsoever!”
    FOOTNOTE: After posting this message I read that The 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati  has  issued a stay on a Judge’s decision to get rid of Michigan’s constitutional ban on same sex marriage until at least Wednesday so they could have more time to consider the state’s appeal of the Judge’s ruling. Maybe there’s hope after all?
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