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An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice Of God On Earth
To The World

22-04-04 AJ

    Holy cow!  How crazy has the world been since my last message?  First of all however, I want to say happy Earth Day!  I’ll never forget the first one ever.  Gerald & I went with our old friend Lester, the musician from New York, to sing songs in the Bangor Mall.  It was snowing so not many people showed up.  We ended up leaving early.  Ah, memories!  I always wondered what happened to that friend.  We used to sing at a no drugs or alcohol allowed coffeehouse in the 70s with him.  Hope you read my blog and will get in touch.
    So glad the Boston situation is presumed cleared up, and I hope there’s no one that was working with those guys.  Like my old friend Elgard says, I hope the one that died is now just a few minute sparks on the ground in the Darkness.  I’m sure he went poof, ceased to exist forever because of his horrible crimes.  I’m shocked that his younger brother is still alive. They say it looks like he may have tried to commit suicide but his aim was thrown off by something.  And since he’s wounded in the neck and throat he can’t talk to anyone right now.  I wonder if he ever will?  I wouldn’t be surprised if he lives and becomes a better person.  Definitely have to keep track of this situation.
     So disturbing to hear that CISPA, passed in the House Thursday.  This is a bill that if signed into law will allow websites to give all the personal information they have about their people who use them to the government without the peoples’ permission!  The hacker group Anonymous is calling for a blackout for 24 hours of popular websites on the 22nd to protest this bill as was done to protest SOPA, the stop online piracy act in 2012.  More than 7,000 web sites blacked out and the next day that bill was shelved.  Let’s pray they do the same with this one.  It’s said Obama has promised to veto this bill  I pray he keeps his word.  Hope it never even gets that far!  I’m shocked that the House passed this insanity!   Shockingly Speaker Boehner supports this bill and says that this would help stop cyber attacks from foreign countries like China.  I don’t know if it would help or not.   Still doesn’t sound like a good idea to me.
    More crazy weather going on!  Speaking of Elgard, he’s getting buried in a big spring snowstorm in Bismarck, ND!   It’s also time for the Red River Flooding that always gets our old stomping grounds of Fargo.  They’re supposed to get the worst flooding ever this year.   Elgard says where God is mad about the recent abortion ban that happened in that state, he doesn’t have much doubt they’re really going to get hit hard.  Sadly I have to agree.  Here’s the link to an old animated video Gerald and I made that shows what can happen if God is angry about these situations.  If I remember correctly we put this out when there was a chance of the same thing happening in South Dakota.  Oh, the link goes to a page of our art gallery where you click to watch the video. Hope you’ll check it out, and the rest of the pages too!


    What next? An 18 year old Chicago man has been accused of planning to join a group linked to Al Quaida fighting in Syria.  He’s been arrested by The FBI. He was arrested while trying to board a plane to Turkey!   He will be in court on Tuesday.  An FBI man posed as a recruiter for the group  Like they say you never know what could be going on right in your own back yard so to speak.  Glad they got him in time.
    Didn’t want to forgot to mention too bad, so sad the new gun control laws didn’t go through.  Hey people, wake up and smell the java script, they wouldn’t have done any good anyway!  Obama is taking advantage of families of the Netown victims trying to make everybody think he’s doing something great working on this problem when it just wouldn’t help.  My heart goes out to these people taken in by Obama’s deceiving ways.  I was also irritated by his nothing short of boasting the other night when the Boston bombing suspects were taken care of.  He was saying he told the FBI and other authorities in the situation to do this or that.  Well, we figured as much. He’s the president.  DUH!  However I don’t believe he deserves any credit for that.  God blesses all the police officers and FBI agents who worked so hard out there and got it done!
    I’m sorry but I had to laugh at John Kerry’s mistake of calling the song “Sweet Caroline” which is sung at the 8th inning of Boston Red Sox Games “Sweet Adeline”.  Give it up, man!  You’re from the wrong era!  That’s a barbershop quartet number.  So awesome that Neil Diamond showed up and surprised everyone by singing his song, “Sweet Caroline” at the first game since the bombings. He’s still going strong!  It was just a wonderful act of kindness to the baseball fans.
    Wow!  I wish I could find out about stuff like this like Gerald used to!  Last year someone filmed the video below with their phone in Naktis, Ireland.  They thought it was UFOs flying low over the area.  I have no idea.  But the video is amazing. Here’s the link. You be the judge.


    I wondered if this had to do with any of the members of The Galactic Forces who protect Earth.  The only thing I could find even close to the video was the Crystalline’s fighter craft on the bottom of my  drawing from our book “The Truth Is Here.”  I don’t think that’s even close.


    Last but not least congratulations to our old friend Jimmy Kimmel who made Time’s top 100 list for 2013!  Yep, he’s still got it!  And, now his show is on the same time as Letterman and Leno he’s gained a bigger audience.  God is still taking good care of Jimmy!  No wonder such awesome things are happening for him!  I’ll  always remember the last time Gerald & I were on “Jimmy Kimmel, Live!” in 2,004.  We were the last ones performing.  Gerald had to leave the stage because of his bad leg hurt, so I had to finish the song by myself, however Jimmy got Gerald to come back out on the stage for the end of the show.  I got a kiss on the cheek from Jimmy!  What wonderful people there, what wonderful memories.  I wish so much I could go back some day.  Thanks Jimmy, for just being you!   You have no idea how much you are blessed!  Here’s the link to the song I channeled for Jimmy.  We sang it the second time we were on the show.


     Support The National Buyers’ Strike!  Save America, and, the world!
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