John Lennon’s Tooth

An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice Of God On Earth
To The World

23-08-04 AJ

    So much  going on out there it didn’t take me long to come up with this message.  Unfortunately the first bit of news which is from the home front is bad.  Yet another person who has been getting our messages regularly that is involved in the media has requested to be removed from my mailing lists.  She works with the WSIL-TV 3 news department in Illinois.  Here’s what she sent and this was in response to my last message entitled “Soul Matters”.  As Gerald would’ve said, we all can figure out what matters to her considering the main subject in the email.

“From: Bonnie Wheeler (

    Though the request was polite, you all know the drill concerning this. Unfortunately this person and all who she works with will be removed from The Book Of Life, not welcome in The Kingdom Of God when they die.  God has lost more of his children for refusing His servant’s messages.
    I will remind everyone.  If you don’t like my messages your best choice of action is to just hit delete, ignore them.  That way you’re good to go with God until Judgment Day anyway.  Here’s the link to our Removal List, which tells all who have rejected God.  Though of course Gerald’s presidential campaign is long over, this list will remain and will be updated as long as I am in the material world.  As you can see it appears it’s been two years since the last removal requests.  Hopefully they’re the last. Unfortunately I’m not counting on it.

    Now on to more positive matters for a change.  God sends His special blessings to Antoinette Tuff, the bookkeeper at a Decatur, Georgia school who stopped a mentally ill young man who hadn’t taken his medicine and just wanted to die from killing everyone there including all the children just by talking to him. She got him to surrender and no one was hurt or killed.  I hope she is rewarded well in this world for her faith and courage.  Surprisingly Obama has called her and praised her good work.  He does something right once and a while!
    I heard a report from our friends Kevin & Bean at KROQ in Los Angeles, that a Canadian dentist who bought our dear friend John Lennon’s tooth he had out years ago is having his DNA extracted from it and is planning to clone John!  Well as a friend commented on this, human cloning as far as we know hasn’t been successful yet.  And, if the clone was created it wouldn’t be John, it wouldn’t have his soul. It would be like John looked when he was a baby and would grow up to look like him, and perhaps have his talents.  However nothing would be exact except for his appearance.  When I heard this story I was informed that John himself, couldn’t stop laughing about it.  I’m so glad when he has a good laugh once and a while with all the serious work he does being The Apostle Of Religious Assignments and all.  He has literally saved the world in recent years with his new songs I’ve channeled.  I just wish someone would believe in him how he is now and support his hard work.  Here’s the link to the site Gerald & I created which explains what John Lennon has done.  Apologies for the pesky banner ads.  I intend to move these pages to my Go Daddy site as soon as I can.

   Here’s a link to my channeled music pages with audio and videos.  Hope you’ll check them out.

    Looks like God has had some success with His buyers’ strike.  The stock market shut down for more than three hours the other day. They report it was a connectivity issue Thursday which has been “identified and addressed.”  Hmmmm!  Sounds like God’s Forces may have had something to do with it.
     So sad about all the fires everywhere, especially the one near Yosemite.  A “state of emergency” has been declared there as the fire just continues to grow and grow.  Prayers to the firefighters that they can stay safe and successfully get things under control soon.  It would be heartbreaking to lose such a national treasure.
    I see The Justice Department sued Texas over its new voter ID law.  Minority groups are complaining it’s discriminatory, however Republicans are saying it’s to protect state elections from fraud.  Yes I did see the story about the poor woman who couldn’t get any type of ID for some reason and there’s got to be something that can be done to help people like those somehow who are legal residents and can’t get proof due to family issues. But I don’t understand…does this mean the Democrats want illegal aliens to be able to vote?
     A bit of weird news today.  Residents of Villaricos, Spain have a real mystery on their hands!  A strange looking sea creature has washed ashore on their south coastal beach.  It looks like a dragon!  Could’ve also been a serpent.  A marine scientist from California believes, however, that it’s the remains of a shark.  It was a health hazard to residents and smelled horrible so authorities had it buried after taking samples.  I don’t know if I agree. There’s been an awful lot of this stuff showing up recently. I suggest you Google this topic and check out the video.  If Gerald was still in the material world he would be able to check into it for me.  Unfortunately not a word from The Afterlife on this.  I say there’s something fishy going on, literally!
    Saw the video about Obama getting another dog.  It’s a female named Sunny, the same breed as his first male dog, Bo.  She is all black, and doesn’t have the white paws like Bo does.  It’s so adorable to see the two dogs happily playing.  I pity them having to live in all the negativity surrounding that family.  I hope they’ll be o.k. 
   Support The National Buyers’ Strike! Save America, and, the world!
   Be sure to check out my blog, The Spiritual Connection, for my recent messages.

    If you have a Kindle or the free Kindle app be sure to check out “Whacko The Clown,” a science fiction novel by the late Speaker Gerald Polley. Contains the song with the same name.

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