John’s Message

An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice Of God On Earth
To The World

30-12-03 AJ

    It’s hard to believe it’s time for my last message of the year!   Hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday and the best new year ever!  
    Saturday was a sad day in Maine for those who truly worship God The Father.  Homosexuals and lesbians are now able to get legally married here.  Makes me kind of wish I could live someplace else where this wasn’t legal.
    They mean well, I guess.  The Democrats are going to try to enforce a ban on sales of high capacity magazines for guns on the first day of the next congress session.  Of course you know what that means.  The criminals will find some way to get them no matter what.  It’s a waste of time, people, unfortunately.
    Glad to hear former president George H. W. Bush is feeling a little better now, though still in intensive care, his health is definitely improving.  A radio station in Texas had to apologize for falsely issuing the report that he had died! 
   Now this is scary!  Mexico is the first north American country to end its ban on blood donations from gay and bisexual men!  Donations will be based on sexual history rather than sexual orientation.  “They may donate blood as long as they’re not sex workers or, injecting drug users.”  All I can say is what’s this world coming to?
    So sad the Indian woman who was beaten and raped by six men while going home to New Delhi on a bus after a movie with her male friend, has died in a Singapore hospital, though it’s reported she died peacefully surrounded by family and friends.  The men on the bus had beat both her and her friend and inserted an iron rod into her body which caused most of the damage.   I hope protesters can get the law they want passed, the death penalty for rapists instead of the current life in prison.  May she rest in peace and soon have justice.
   Shocking but true.  Yoko Ono reports something that our dear friend John Lennon has been telling us for years from The Afterlife, that she was not to blame for The Beatles break up, it’s just the band was already starting to go their separate ways and Paul was actually the only Beatle that was left and still trying to keep them together.  John has said to us “It’s hard to keep going as a band when there’s so many brilliant people that have wonderful talents and want to branch out on their own with their careers.”  Yoko says it was becoming Paul’s band and nobody wanted to be in Paul’s band.   I say, maybe now people will believe me about John’s message. 
    I still say I wish there was some way to get John’s new songs out even if it was to be just under my name and channeled from The Afterlife.  At first Gerald said we would have to use John’s name, however after Yoko said no way to that, and she didn’t believe the songs were from him, he mentioned in his messages we could do it this way.  Maybe the new year will bring some good luck in this regard.  So I’m putting the word out there for suggestions or help.  For my audio and video demos of some of these songs I’ve channeled do check out my web site.  I will be back with more messages next year!

    Support The National Buyers’ Strike!  Save America, and, the world!
    Be sure to check out my blog, The Spiritual Connection, for my latest messages.

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