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31-08-09 AJ

    Just wanted to write a little something for August here so you folks will know I’m still alive.   Apparently just barely!  I’ve got some kind of virus again,, that was as of  yesterday when I went for my doctor’s appointment at the walk in clinic, on the verge of pneumonia.  So the doctor gave me antibiotics and the Z Pack which I’ve used before and it worked great.  Feeling better all the time.  They tell me I’m free to go to lunch on Tuesday also!
    Not much new on the political front…still the Democrats being the worst anyone’s ever seen them before election year.  No sign of anything changing any time soon unfortunately. 
     Scary stuff out there!  The current hurricane Dorian, at this moment is nearing the Florida coast and is almost a Category 4!  First one I’ve heard that powerful in my lifetime!  Here looks like it’s going to do like always, be a tropical storm before it gets here and fortunately not do too much damage, maybe terrible beach erosion and the like.  I’m sure glad I live in Maine, the best and usually safest place to be!
     Nothing that new in entertainment info other than there’s now a remake of one of my favorite movies of all time, Disney’s “Lady & The Tramp.”  It’s another one of those not animated films with the live actors and dogs whose faces are made to look like they’re talking by CGI or whatever it’s called.  Looks good even though.  I finally got to watch the new version of “The Lion King” and that was actually good too!  Sometimes the remakes are not a bad thing.  However I wish  there were more new movie ideas out there.
     Well I guess that’s it for now.  Hopefully next month I’ll write earlier than this!  Hard to believe tomorrow it’ll be September!   I’m still working on the back issues of “Voices From Spirit Magazine”.  I also have a new song to make a music video of.  Got to wait until I’m better now.  Will keep you updated as always! Bye for now!
        Be sure to check out my blog, The Spiritual Connection, for my recent messages.

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