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26-04-04 AJ

    Back with the latest news updates.  Russian president and Obama’s good buddy Putin says the Boston Marathon bombings show that both Russia and The US need to work on security. DUH! That’s a no brainer.  I’m beginning to think it’s almost impossible to stop stuff like this from happening.  I hope no other tragedies happen anytime soon.
    So touching the five living presidents gathered at the dedication of The George W. Bush Presidential Center in Dallas, Texas on Thursday.  They probably could’ve skipped The Clintons and Obamas being there, but oh well, they kind of had to invite them, that’s presidential protocol for you.  Now there’s true American presidents, George W. and his father.  Nothing can seem to beat ’em!  Ah the good old days.  Really miss you guys no matter what the protesters say!
    So epic fail in El Salvador!  A 24 year old woman who has lupus and kidney disease and is 4 1/2 months pregnant could die if she doesn’t have an abortion.  The fetus is missing a big part of its brain and skull, and would most likely die within hours of its birth  according to a report.  Abortion is illegal in her country.  This country also has medical spies and vagina inspectors!  The lady’s hospital has petitioned the country’s Supreme Court and are still waiting for their response.  Come on people!  Do the right thing this time.  Let the lady live! 
    There!  Now the government has messed things up again.  They’ve read the 19 year old surviving Boston Bomber his Miranda rights, which they didn’t plan to do because he was such a danger to the people or such, now he’s not telling anyone anything!  Authorities did find out that the suspects were dealing drugs for quite a while before the bombings.  I just knew drugs had something to do with it somehow.  They also say the oldest who was shot and killed by police last Friday was on the list of suspected terrorists.  They question if Obama’s security procedures concerning suspected terrorists were good enough.  I say no question about it, definitely not!  May justice be done whatever happens.
    Israel has shot down a drone they believe was from Hezbollah group in Lebanon as it approached the northern coast.  Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was in Northern Israel at the time and said this was a very serious incident. You think?
    So sad authorities have found the body of the Brown University student, a young man who was falsely named as the Boston Marathon bomber suspect by Readdit, dead in the Providence river.  Way to go media!  Please get your facts straight before posting something like that ever again! 
    Support The National Buyers’ Strike! Save America, and, the world!
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