An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice Of God On Earth
To The World

20-11-03 AJ

    Back again with more comments on the national news.  What a horrible thought!  The possibility of Hillary Clinton vs Sarah Palin for president of The United States in the next election! Conservative Pundit Charlotte Allen thinks it’s a great idea! ARGH!  It’s stuff like this that make you consider moving to Canada!  Don’t worry, not me.  I’m sticking with the old U.S. of A until the very end no matter what.  Somebody’s got to try to protect God’s children.
      Hamas and Israel to present ceasefire conditions to mediators.  Yeah right.  How long would that last, five seconds?  I see Israel got the Hamas TV station which was on a high rise building.
     According to the word of the year is ‘bluster.’  Must be because of the hurricane. Hmmm, or Obama, who did a lot of blustering during his campaign.
     What next? A death row inmate in California has claimed that he killed Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman.  He is suspected of killing ten others and once bragged he committed 70 murders.  He did know Nicole, and partied with her.  He swore he was going to “take her down” because she was rich and he wanted to steal from her.  He was a house painter at the time of the murders.  He also knew O.J., who once paid him to steal two diamond earrings from Nicole’s house!   He was turned in with tips from his family.  His brother commented he wasn’t turning in his brother but a serial killer.  His brother definitely did the right thing! There’s a book about this guy.  Anyway, he might have known O.J. and Nicole but we all know his story is just wishful thinking, something for more money and attention.  Nicole still haunts O.J. hoping some day he’ll slip up and people will learn the truth.
    Sir Paul McCartney who has been a vegetarian for years, is promoting Peta’s campaign to get people not to eat turkeys this Thanksgiving and Christmas.  He says we should have a cruelty free meal.  Good idea Paul, however I think he’s greatly outnumbered where this idea is concerned.   I know any chance I get I’m having turkey.  I have a hard time with the idea of not eating meat.
    Well after everybody panicked concerning the idea of no more Twinkies in the world, and some even bought them for $200 it looks like they might not be dead after all.  Hostess and the union have been discussing a plan that would keep them going.  Awesome!  It just wouldn’t be the proper universe without Twinkies!
    Ancient rock carvings have been stolen from a sacred Indian site in California’s Sierra Nevada.  These are worth anywhere from $500 to $1,500 on the illegal art market!  They say it was the worst vandalism ever, and the crooks even broke a couple while getting them with a saw!  I bet they won’t even get to The Afterlife.  That’s one of the worst crimes ever, and I pray the sacred items are found and returned as soon as possible      
        Awww! A three week old gray kitten was rescued by the fire department from inside the statue of Abraham Lincoln on The Clermont Presidents Hall Of Fame in Florida.  People kept hearing meowing but didn’t know where it was coming from.  It’s o.k., he was just hungry and dehydrated.  When he’s fully recovered from his adventure he will be adopted by the museum’s curator.  His new name is, you guessed it, Abe!  Very appropriate under the circumstances.  I’m sure President Lincoln doesn’t mind at all.
    Support The National Buyers’ Strike! Save America, and, the world!
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