Miracles Do Happen

An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
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To The World

10-04-04 AJ

    Here again with more on what’s going on out there.  First on the home front  I am very happy!  As I mentioned before I am renting the software Adobe Acrobat X1 Pro to help me edit my scanned pages of Gerald’s books after I scan them to PDF files so I won’t have to type them all for the internet.  The other day I was inspired to search on Amazon Prime to see if they had a copy of this for sale cheaper than it’s offered on the Adobe site, that is $499.99 which I could never afford.  Can you believe it, I found it!  The best part of it is it’s under $200 which is what I was to pay if I rented it for a year!  I bought it and am waiting for it to come in the mail.  It will take me a little longer to pay my bills but as I said the other night sometimes you have to spend money to save money, if that makes any sense LOL!  I have only paid $20 for the rental and if I uninstall it before the 20th of this month I will owe no more.  Thank you Lords!  Miracles DO happen!  Now back to the news.
     This I’m sorry to say, is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard of!  You probably all remember former congressman Anthony Weiner, who was made to resign after sending as they so aptly put it on The Kevin And Bean Show, KROQ in Los Angeles, tweeted pictures of his “wiener” then lied saying he didn’t do it he was hacked, later admitting to it, is considering running for New York City mayor! Well, he is a Democrat.  But hey, he was disgraced.  Who would want him in some office again? Er….then again, remember Bill Clinton? He might just have a chance of getting in.  We’ll have to keep track of this story.
    I’m so glad the two little boys who were kidnapped from their mother’s parents who have custody of them, by their own parents are safe after going on a boating trip then being found with them in Cuba.  Authorities spotted them at a marina, where they say they appeared to be interacting normally with each other.  They plan to turn them over to the US authorities some time soon.  Sometimes there is justice.  I just saw the parent’s mug shots!  Talk about creepy!  They’ve definitely got to be on something.
    I was embarrassed to realize in my last message I’d forgotten to mention it was John Lennon’s 50th birthday on April 8th!   Wishing him many, many more.  His dad is very, very proud of both him and Sean his youngest and hopes for them all the best.  As Kevin & Bean pointed out he’s lived a decade longer than his father did.  Here’s Julian’s video with Steven Tyler.  Awesome!  Even John is in it.  Do check it out and pass it around.


    On the other hand, so sad to hear famous movie critic Roger Ebert has died of cancer.  But he had a long and happy life. I hope he’s doing well over There. 
    I am sad to hear about the death of actress Annette Funicello though I know she’s been very sick for years with MS. She was and always will be one of my heroes, as is Hayley Mills.  I grew up with them and watched all their tv shows and movies.  I’m glad she’s no longer suffering, but she will be sorely missed by many.   I hope she’s happy now in The Afterlife and may someday sing with John Lennon And Friends.
    A no brainer.  Looks like gay marriage is about to be made legal in France.  That country is on God The Father’s  s***t list after all for many things, so many I can’t recall exactly what.  I guess one is supporting Obama, and wasn’t it them who wouldn’t initially send troops to fight with the US in Iraq? Whatever, they’re not very popular with Those in The Afterlife and it looks like they’re going to continue to  go down hill. 
     Here’s an amazing thing.  Actress Sarah Chalke who is on “Grey’s Anatomy” which I don’t watch or promote due to them apparently supporting gay issues, had some adorable pictures taken of her young son who was very sick with something they had no idea what.  Then a medical specialist saw these pictures and discovered he had the hard to diagnose Kawasaki Disease.  Thus he has long since recovered from this and Sarah hopes to help other parents learn about this usually hard to diagnose illness and keep their kids healthy.  I’m sure God is pleased with her hard work to do so.  Glad the boy is ok once again.
   Also on a lighter note, as most of you know “NCIS: Los Angeles” is my favorite network tv series, and I think Eric Christian Olsen is the hottest guy on the planet.  Tuesday night several of the stars were answering tweets from fans during the show.  I tweeted to Eric that the show is my favorite, his character is my favorite, and to my surprise he tweeted back!  He told me I’m his favorite!  Of course I realize he was just being polite but it’s still exciting! I just saw a picture of his wife, Sarah Wright.  I didn’t know he was married until now.  What a delightful couple!  Like I said afterward this special Twitter incident,  it’s so nice to know these people really care about their fans like my actress friend Lorielle New, also Jimmy Kimmel, his friend Guillermo, and of course our old friends Kevin & Bean.  Thank you all!   I have to post again the link to my friend Rex Ungericht’s parody of “Rockin’ Robin”  “Usin’ Twitter” which he wrote on my suggestion sung by my other old friend Gary Hermann from The BKSG Show.  Love ya Rex and Gary! Thank you!


    Support The National Buyers’ Strike! Save America, and the world!
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