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An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
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24-09-03 AJ

  Back after a wonderful weekend.  Went to a special event held by The Hospice Of Hancock County Volunteers for those of us who have lost loved ones Saturday.  It was beautiful, even though the weather was damp and rainy.  It was held in a big tent outside their office building.  There was a wonderful tribute to the departed, in which we lit a candle and wrote a message to them on ribbons which were then woven on a rack for display.  There were many people attending.  We were treated to a barbecue for lunch, and also massages.  I got three, the reflexology, the spinal, and the hand massage which was given by my registered nurse friend Loren who had taken good care of Gerald at the rehab center during his last days with us. 
  Before I continue, two amazing things.  I had forgotten Loren works with the Volunteers.  I hadn’t called her at work for a couple weeks.  Then Thursday night I did. She asked me if I’d received her voice mail.  I told her no, and she went on to tell me about Saturday’s event, wondering if I wanted to go and needed a ride.  This is what I was calling to tell her about, that I’d already signed up for it and someone would pick me up!   The second thing is the Hospice singers were performing during the candle ceremony and I clearly saw our dear friends John Lennon and George Harrison standing in the back row with their guitars, singing with them!  They were there for at least two songs. Anyway many thanks to the Volunteers for an awesome day and trying to help those there learn to relax.  You really helped.  I took some pictures on my IPod Touch and put them up on our web site.  You can check them out at the link below.

    Oh boy!  Sarah Palin’s at it again!  She’s encouraging Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan to go rogue, and not hold back telling the truth about the nation’s economy.  Excellent advice for a change.  She also says America needs to have a “come to Jesus moment.”  concerning the government and natonal debt.  A little late on that, I’m afraid.  She was shocked Obama couldn’t remember the amount of the national debt on Letterman the other night.  First time I’ve heard about this, yet another thing we agree on.  She also criticized his “empty chair style of leadership” referring to Clint Eastwood’s speech at the Republican National Convention.  It’s really scary when even some creatures of Darkness are starting to make sense about the government!  Just goes  to show you how bad things really are.
    So sad to read that a police officer had to shoot and kill a double amputee in Houston, Texas recently.  The man had cornered the officer with his wheelchair and threatened to stab him with his metal pen!  At the time the officer couldn’t tell what it was.  The man came within inches, to a foot of the policemen and they had no way to escape.  The officer shot the man because he feared for his partner’s safety.  The caretaker of the home had called them because the man had been causing a disturbance.  They learned after that he had a mental illness and had been living in the home for eighteen months.  The officer was placed on the normal three day administrative leave for officers involved in a shooting.  This policeman was involved in another shooting in 2,009 when he came upon a man stabbing his neighbor to death, and shot him when he refused to drop the knife.  All this took place at 2:30 a.m.  It was explained that the man had lost a leg above the knee and one arm by being hit by a train.  I’m sure the officer will not get in trouble for this as it sounded like there was definitely a threat of harm to him and his partner.
   How heartbreaking the new baby panda born at the National Zoo has died!  They report this is common, and that usually they are suffocated by the mother sitting on them or such.  They don’t know for sure what happened to this one but they were able to safely retrieve the body for an exam.  There is another panda couple at another zoo who haven’t had a baby yet despite their couple of tries. Let’s hope they do and it survives.
   Oh no!  CNN’s in trouble again!  This time for the way they handled the personal journal recovered the other night belonging to the late Libyan ambassador.  It was removed from the site September 11th after the deadly consulate attack even though it was a crime scene.  However the state department is claiming CNN completely ignored the family and reported on the contents of the journal before returning it to them.  This was just hours after the Ambassador’s body returned to The U.S..  People at the CNN newsroom copied the journal and emailed it to other people there.  The family was too late in contacting CNN and saying they wanted to go over it and decide if they could report on it or not.  It’s said four days was too long for CNN to wait for permission, so they just used the material!  This is definitely not right!  I hope someone is punished for this breech of protocol. 
    Egypt’s president is envisioning a real friendship with the U.S..  No comment.
    Our old enemy Bill Clinton is saying he has “no earthly idea” what Hillary’s next move would be.  He says she’s tired after being Secretary Of State.  Kind of worrisome when even he doesn’t know.
    Speaking of politics, Obama has his own interpretation of the American flag which the Republicans are calling outrageous and very disrespectful.  I agree!  He even has it for sale on his web site! Like our old friend Elgard says the Odinless worm has got to go!
    Lastly, it’s been proven that apes and other non human primates love slapstick comedy and may be the biggest fans of The Three Stooges!  I bet they’re getting a kick out of this.
   Support The National Buyers’ Strike!  Save America, and the world!
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