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An Open Letter From  Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice Of God On Earth
To The World

27-12-03 AJ

    Back from the holiday break with the usual on the latest headlines.  So glad to read Nelson Mandela is in good spirits, and has been discharged from the hospital!  He will have special home treatment until he’s fully recovered.  He had a lung infection then his gallstones removed.  The doctors are taking great care of him because of his advanced age.  He is 94!  It’s good to know he’s doing so well.
    Was shocked to hear that one of our favorite actors of all time, Jack Klugman, died, even more surprised to learn he was 90!  He had a good long life, and a wonderful career.  I’m sure he’s being welcomed by his loved ones in The Afterlife and going on The Grand Tour.
    So sad to hear President George H.W. Bush is still in the hospital with  a bad fever that’s gotten worse over the holiday. He’s on a liquid only diet.  The doctors apparently thought he had bronchitis, as he had that kind of cough when he went in the hospital.  They don’t know what caused the illness.  As he is 88 it’s kind of scary!  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised as he decided to stick with his political party’s choice and back Romney in the last presidential election.  Prayers to him and his family.
    Speaking of scary, we’re reaching the edge of the so called fiscal cliff, as it’s getting closer to the time when taxes will go up and spending cuts will go into effect.  I guess the deadline is next week.  Oh, big deal!  Obama is cutting short his vacation to go back to The White House and try to get his deal through.  Apparently he’s trying to give Speaker Boehner and The Republicans a bad name for not ending their break early and coming back also.  Leave it to The Democrats to try anything to get their way.  I don’t think it will work. O.k., whatever.
    I guess the recent shootings across the country have gotten all the nut cases to come out of the woodwork, unfortunately!  So horrible yet another tragedy of its kind in Connecticut!  An old guy who had been in jail for 17 years for killing his grandmother with a  hammer in 1980, which he served time for, set fire to his house, burned down half the neighborhood, shot and killed two volunteer firemen who came to help and wounded two others.  He had been in a dispute with his sister, who was missing after the house fire he set, since his mother died in October. They were fighting over who would inherit his mother’s estate.  His sister’s body is believed to be the one found in the house after the fire.  Authorities are trying to find out if she died in the fire or before.  Fortunately the murderer killed himself.  He left a note in which he admits to planning on the fire to  see how much he could burn down, and that killing people was what he liked doing best.  The only clue for a motive here is the guy’s mother had left a generous donation to the local fire department.  I know it’s awful to say but I’m glad this waste of oxygen is gone forever!  I bet he didn’t even get to leave his body.  Hmm… I wonder if he was even in there.  Flags are being left at half staff even after they were for the Newtown victims, for the firemen.
    What crazy weather lately!  I wonder if this has been caused by the creatures of Darkness drawing energy from somewhere to help Obama get ahead with the fiscal cliff talks, or, just energy for themselves in general, as Gerald reported happened a while back?  I wouldn’t be surprised!  Now that I think about it, it does seem to be in the same pattern.  We’re going to get a nor’easter here starting Wednesday night, snow and, rain.  I’m glad I only have to go to counseling on Friday afternoon!
     Well looks like Britain is now prepared for a Zombie Apocalypse!  They’re a little bit late but better than nothing I guess.  They used this scenario as a guidelines on preparing for any kind of disaster a response to a Freedom Of Information request said.  Even though they’ve denied the existence of zombies in the past they have an emergency plan now.  In America the HALO corporation will train military and law enforcement for this event.  The Centers For Disease Control And Prevention is all set in case of “hurricane, pandemic, earthquake or, terrorist attack.”  They have a “Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse” campaign!  It’s better to be safe than sorry!
   FOOTNOTE: Pleased to see the news was reporting God had another Christmas victory! This Christmas shopping season was the weakest one ever! Glad I could help with His message on the buyers’ strike! Woo hoo!
    Support The National Buyers’ Strike!  Save America, and, the world!
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