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An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice Of God On Earth
To The World

01-07-05 AJ


    Wow! It’s July already! I’m here again with a few words of praise this time!  Though God The Father has His differences with The Supreme Court He praises them for upholding the rights of religious business owners who have deeply held beliefs saying they do not have to provide contraception coverage to their employees.  However instead the government can provide this coverage if those working for employers who do not requests it of them.  My only question is how will the government afford it? Anyway whatever, this is an excellent move on behalf of those in The Afterlife and all here who wish to stand by what they believe in.  The Supreme Court had at least 100 complaints from religious business owners.  It’s so good when God gets a victory here on Earth!  Praise to the owners of the Hobby Lobby store who actually made the public more aware of this situation.  Religious rights and women’s rights are equally important.  Bosses have rights too!
    God also praises His hero Speaker John Boehner for really going after Obama concerning the way he’s running things. 
   More praise goes to the doctors involved in the Oscar Pistorius murder trial, in South Africa as they declared the so called “Blade Runner” doesn’t have a mental illness and knew right from wrong the night he shot and killed his girlfriend through the bathroom door in his home, supposedly thinking she was someone who had broken in.  With this outcome there’s more justice for our side!  Now if they’ll only come up with the verdict soon.  Unfortunately it’s pretty clear what it should be.
   It appears as usual my late husband Gerald was right.  Obama’s what seems to be main plan of making the world gay or at least gay friendly,  is working big time now.  He’s going to be signing an executive order protecting transgender federal workers as The Huffington Post explains, “by adding gender identity to a list of other protected classes such as race, religion and sexual orientation.” This is to mark LBGT Pride Month.  Obama’s in all his glory.  As I mentioned to our old friend Elgard, he’s with his “peeps” now.  I shudder to think of what will become of the world.
     No sooner had I posted my opinion on Obama’s so called promised  not to send American troops back to Iraq when now they’re facing even more terrible disasters with the terrorist group ISIS, and he’s sent 200 more American Troops there to help the special agents or whatever they are he sent a little while back.  These poor brave people are overwhelmed with evil!  America needs to help them.  Obama can’t hold back much longer no matter how much he wants to pretend to be a hero by not sending our fighting people to come to the Iraqi soldiers’ aid!  They were trained very well, but the odds are most certainly against them now.  Let our Troops do what they’re supposed to do, give the enemy hell!  Like Speaker Boehner recently commented Obama must be “taking a nap!”  Here’s a song Gerald got a few years ago when we lived in Bismarck, North Dakota, that was transmitted from the children of Iraq & Afghanistan by astral projection thanking our troops for their help.

    In entertainment news Kevin Ryder & Funny Brad Williams of KROQ are ok down there in Brazil for the World Cup.  Of course the Kevin & Bean Show is replays until after the holiday. I’m having withdrawals for more new episodes already!
    On a personal note, it’s hard to believe July 4th, 2,014 will be the second anniversary of my husband Gerald’s death.  I hope he’s proud of what I’ve done and my progress living on my own.  To help me cheer up on that day I will be attending a barbecue here at lunch time, for residents who have nowhere to go for the holiday,  and going to a restaurant for supper.  I wanted to make sure I mentioned this as I don’t know when I’ll be putting up another blog post again this month.   Hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th!
    Also there’s a mystery going  on here I don’t like.  Saturday I was upstairs visiting my neighbor.  I checked my lanyard to make sure my door key was on it and it was.  I completed a word search puzzle in a book another neighbor had given me.  The neighbor I was visiting told me she wanted to take me to Wal Mart for my groceries as she needed a few things. I took out my calculator and my cell phone to look at my checking account to see how much I had left in it.  When I put these things away I had a hard time getting the calculator in the little pocket of my pocketbook because my comb was in the way.  I felt a pulling on my lanyard as if someone was behind me to my left tugging on it.  After getting my stuff put away it stopped.  I went to get my little shopping cart from my apartment and was shocked to find my key was gone off the little hook clasp!  I called my neighbor.  We looked for my key with no luck.  Her husband was sleeping in the bedroom so couldn’t have taken it as a joke.  Now I have to pay $35 for Ellsworth Housing to make me another key.  I’m not allowed to do it myself.  Strangely enough, my neighbor had lost her key the night before when she went to a birthday party in a nearby town!  I’ve been really shaken by this!  And they call me The Great Finder because I can usually find missing stuff pretty good.  Fortunately I had given a spare key to another neighbor for safe keeping in case I needed it. Boy did I need it! I got a key chain and hooked it to a sturdy part of my lanyard.  Here’s my pic of it.

    If someone in the Afterlife took my key I wish they’d please give it back!  Another  strange fact, the key that disappeared is the one Gerald used to have so he could visit me.  I remember when John Lennon used to sometimes hide a sock of mine just to “let us know he was around.”  I don’t know how he did it, but I know he wouldn’t do this! Come on guys, this is too much! Like we say on Twitter WTH?
   Support The National Buyers’ Strike! Save America, and, the world!
   Be sure to check out my blog, The Spiritual Connection, for my recent messages.

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