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03-09-03 AJ

    Back with more comments on the national news.   First however, I want to recommend a product I purchased Saturday, a little miracle box called Roku.  What does it do you might ask?  If  you have access to wi fi internet it makes it so you can watch Netflix and much more on your t.v.!  If you have a newer model t.v. it’s best.  Here’s the link to their web site where you can even buy one!

   I was totally amazed that Saturday night I could listen to The Black Knight And Squire G Show’s replay on my t.v. using the Shoutcast app!  Like Gerald used to say “You gotta love technology…when it works!  Hope you’ll check it out. Oh, forgot to mention, if you have a newer t.v. be advised you’ll need an HDMI cord.  I didn’t know this until I got home and went to a nearby store to get one, well worth the $25 extra I paid for it.
    Now, on to the more important stuff.  Obama is saying that the Republican agenda mentioned during their convention is “Better suited for the last century.  We might have watched on black and white t.v..”  I say to him, if I would ever say anything to the ultimate creature of Darkness, sometimes the oldest is the best.  Though I will admit some their ethics on certain subjects like abortion need to be updated, for them its all good.  Obama needs to think about his own his own  faulty agenda and how he could improve it.  It seems to be an epic fail no matter what he does to it, especially Obama Care.
    Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Desmond Tutu said Sunday that Tony Blair and George Bush should face prosecution at the International Criminal Court for their part in the 2,003 US led invasion of Iraq.  I say nope dot com! As you know from our previous messages which are still on my web site, some of which are in past issues of Voices From Spirit Magazine, President Bush listened to God and followed His instructions concerning starting the Iraq war.  They did have weapons of mass destruction, however they were hidden and have since been moved at least a couple of times.  He did the right thing.  Ha!  Anyway the International Criminal Court as of this date, doesn’t have jurisdiction to prosecute crimes of aggression, which this would most likely be considered.  Like Tony Blair said, the bishop has done great work fighting apartheid in South Africa, but we can agree to disagree with him, as those with a healthy democracy can do.  It’s a shame that Bishop Tutu thinks the way he does about President Bush, and also that he’s a member of The Anglican Church which is not one of God’s favorite so called religious institutions.
     Italy’s Supreme Court has decided that having phone sex isn’t considered prostitution.  Apparently if it doesn’t involve the “body’s erogenous zones of the person paid for the service” it’s not prostitution.  The defendant in this case had paid a woman to give phone sex to one of his business clients.  The lower court said this was a crime.  As mentioned in the article phone sex isn’t always legal.  It also states that The Supreme Court “left the door open” for other kinds of this type of acts to still be considered illegal.
    In March The Smithsonian opened  an ongoing exhibit called “Area 51: Myth Or Reality” featuring an in depth look at historic records of the most secret military installation in America.  Now there’s going to be a special lecture at The Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas on September 22nd featuring four retired military guests from the Army and Air Force who will be giving their accounts of personal exposure to what they thought were real UFOs while in the military, and a fifth guest, Nick Pope, who was the UK’s UFO desk officer.   Ought to be very interesting!  As they say, their accounts will be more credible.  Wish I could make it!  Here’s a link to our on line free book, “The Truth Is Here” concerning our encounters with extra terrestrials.

   Good!  A Pakistani cleric is in jail suspected of getting a Christian girl arrested by planting false evidence on her claiming she had committed blasphemy, and broken their anti-blasphemy law.  This states that even with the allegation that someone has spoken ill of Islam and The Prophet Muhammed.  The girl is afraid for her life if she returns to her home village as sometimes even if a person is found innocent they can be killed by an angry mob or even The Taliban.  I’m sure my old friend Muhammed thinks this law is too harsh, though I hope somehow the cleric is punished, and I hope the girl will be safe.
    Support The National Buyers’ Strike!  Save America, and the world!
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