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30-09-05 AJ


Finally back!  Figured it was about time for the end of the month post.  I try to post at least twice a month.  So here we go.
First of all, congratulations to Bill & Hillary Clinton’s daughter on the birth of her first child who is named Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky.  While Chelsea was growing up in The White House several people in The Afterlife, especially our old friend John Lennon, were very worried about her.  They never really explained why but seemed to hint that she knew about something the public wouldn’t like if they found it out.  Anyway I wish Chelsea, her husband and baby all the best.  Though I do feel bad for a baby growing up with those particular grandparents. I suppose it could be worse, but not by much!
I heard that the scariest thing….now Hillary will actually decide rather she’s going to run for President in 2,016, stating she was waiting for the baby to be born before doing so.  As the saying goes, be afraid, be very afraid!
Fans of Mitt Romney are speculating rather he’ll run for president then too.  Nope! Not for me. If I remember correctly  The Afterlife wasn’t very impressed with him either.
Just because I forgot in my last post wanted to briefly mention so sad to see about the passing of Joan Rivers.  Last I read there was some mention the clinic she was at had done something wrong that caused her death.  They did a biopsy on her vocal cords that should’ve only been done at a hospital!  I pray justice is done.   I hope she made it ok to The Afterlife. No clue on that whatsoever.
Read the other day that one of the 300 young school girls in Nigeria has escaped and is now safe.  Things have sure gotten quite news wise about all that.  I hope they’re making progress with getting them all home.  ISIS needs to be stopped and legally, somehow!
On a bit lighter note, there’s actually a couple of companies out there that were actually selling something called “super underwear” which is supposed to help women lose weight if they wear them.  These sold for $49 to $85 a pair!  They were supposedly “infused with microencapsulated caffeine, retinol, and other ingredients” according to The Daily Finance website who published this story.  One company has to refund $1.3 million!  The pants were supposed to contain microfibers with caffeine that would destroy fat cells. As the article warns, if anyone claims if you wear the clothes they’re selling you don’t want anything to do with them!
In entertainment news, congratulations to actor George Clooney and his new wife! He once swore he’d never get married.  I’m glad this beautiful and very intelligent woman changed his mind!
On the home front, more progress with The History. Proofreading Book 11.  I canceled my home phone service contract, however couldn’t stand it without back up for my cell phone for the first time ever, so got one back via Time Warner Cable.  Got a good deal with it.  I was worried about the budget, however found I’ll still be saving money!  However in October funds will be very limited!
Support The National Buyers’ Strike! Save America, and, the world!
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