Of Hillary And Hof

An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice Of God On Earth
To The World

14-12-03 AJ

   I have been very busy with friends and neighbors here at home and have been kind of late with my messages. I hope everyone will bear with me.  Don’t worry!  I’m still getting the word out.
    One of our favorite heroes has joined his loved ones in The Afterlife, Ravi Shankar, who died at age 92 near his home in San Diego, California.  He taught our old friend George Harrison how to play the sitar and was a dear friend of his, still is for that matter.  I’m sure by now they’re playing wonderful music together delighting everyone and that he’s met with Lord Krishna who George is now working for, helping his part of the world.  Blessings to Ravi Shankar for enlightening the world.
    Speaking of heroes it’s so exciting that Sir Paul McCartney 12-12-12 took our old friend Kurt Cobain’s place in his band, Nirvana, for a benefit concert to help victims of hurricane Sandy!  Yes I watched it all!  I just know Kurt is thrilled!  I heard him say Sir Paul’s performance was “F***ing great!” with, of course another of our favorite singers, David Grohl of The Foo Fighters joined them on the drums, as he was the drummer in the original band.  Talk about awesomeness!  I wish I could’ve been there! Anyway I’m sure you’ll be able to check this out on the internet.
    Once again Hillary is telling her fans she “doesn’t believe” she’ll run for president.  I’m praying this is true.  However you know her history. When she says she won’t do something she usually does.  God help us all if she does. I’m sure He’s doing all He can to stop her from it.
     It’s horrifying how evil people can get.  I’m not actually a Justin Bieber fan, he’s cute and all and his songs are o.k. but it’s not exactly my type of music.  However some guy in jail serving two life sentences for the rape and murder of a fifteen year old girl came up with a plot to murder Justin and his bodyguard by strangling them with a paisley tie then castrating them at his sold out concert last month in New York.  His former fellow inmate and this guy’s nephew, who were recruited for the murder even had the pruning shears to do that with which one of them had when he was arrested after being turned in by the guy who came up with the plot.  I don’t get it. The prisoner who is a huge Justin Bieber fan came up with the plot, the accomplices planned to go through with it and then the guy who came up with it turned them in because he’s a huge fan? Er, ok! DUH!  I’m lost here. Oh well at least they’re arrested and Justin is safe.  Talk about total wastes of oxygen!
     So tragic the news about the Australian dj’s prank call to the hospital where Kate Middleton was staying for severe morning sickness ending with the suicide of the nurse who actually believed the djs and gave them information about Kate’s condition. They’re saying she hung herself and apparently tried to cut her wrists first.  Hope she got to The Afterlife ok.  Though I don’t support suicide except in extreme circumstances concerning health issues, or such, I can certainly understand how she must’ve felt she let everyone down and she’d be in a lot of trouble.  I hear the djs are either getting time off for undecided amount of time, or, they’re fired. I hope they’re gone.  As a matter of fact the whole station should be gone as far as I’m concerned because I’ve been told it’s not the first time they’ve played extreme pranks like this.  Good riddance!  Of course our good friends Kevin & Bean at KROQ in LA were disgusted by this too.
    I tend to agree with Dennis Hof, owner of the Moonlight Bunny Ranch a brothel in Nevada.  He says the government should legalize prostitution and this would help save us from the fiscal cliff.  They have the type of system that was used on some of The Old Worlds.  It’s even better than some of the other things the government has legalized recently.  The girls who work there are doing so of their own free will and are of legal age, and make good money.  They have monthly health exams and so far no cases of HIV found.  He says it’s better prostitution this way than all the crime going on out on the streets now because if it.  And they would cut down on money being spent on vice squads.  Mr. Hof spends $350,000 a year on taxes.  Anyway that’s just my opinion on that subject. If it was good for The Old Worlds it sounds good to me.  Cut down on a lot of crime, make more money.  I think the politicians should listen to Dennis Hof.
    Support The Christmas Buyers’ Strike! Save America, and the world!
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