An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice Of God On Earth
To The World

04-11-03 AJ

    Back with the usual comments on the national news.  First on a personal matter, as you probably recall I had cataract surgery last Monday, on my right eye, the day the hurricane came.  I went to the optometrist Friday because starting Tuesday night my vision in that eye was all cloudy.  The little I could see was just a blur.  The doctor told me that they had gotten all the cataract out, but there was residual cortex or such in there that caused my eye to do this.  This should be “resorbed”, a term I’d never heard until now, and I should be fine. If not, in two weeks, they will zap my eye with the laser in her office to help break it up.  Fortunately this is nothing serious, but why me?  Work on The History has been put on hold for a while due to this. Maybe that’s why.  The damned dark ones will do anything they can to stop The Work!  Anyway, enough about me, let’s see what’s going on elsewhere in the world.
    Here we go again!  Both candidates in Ohio on the last leg of the presidential campaigns.  Reminds me of a song I channeled back in one of the last presidential campaigns for the people of Ohio. I think it was in 2,004.  I’m not sure what God will be doing to help our country this election day, like He did then, if anything, but I thought I’d pass this little bit of history along.  Maybe it will help wake someone up and they’ll do the right things.  Ah, memories!  I have uploaded the mp3 to the audio of this song, so it’s available for the first time ever online. It’s linked on the page below.


    Holy cow!  I just saw on The Weather Channel that there’s still remnants of Sandy out here somewhere off the coast of Maine!  Will that nightmare ever go away?  I feel so bad for the hurricane victims who have lost everything, some even their lives.  Now there’s a nor’easter coming!  I hate to think of what’s next. 
    Speaking of voting, one of the top issues the people in Maine will be voting on is if gay marriage should be made legal.  Here’s the link to a disturbing news story concerning a recent Diversity Day foul up in a Gorham, Maine middle school that had many parents very upset.  I hope it will get more to think twice on election day. 


    So glad The New York City Marathon has been canceled this year but I wish it hadn’t taken so long.  Apparently there was some consideration that the money brought in by this could help the state recover from Sandy.   Now several of the runners traveled there from even as far away as Ireland to participate, only to find out there’s no race.  They spent thousands of dollars now they’re stuck.  I pray some solution can be found and some refunds given, also that they get home safely.
    It’s shocking to read that one of the top Israeli newspapers has decided to support Obama, saying he’s good for Israel.  Nothing could be further from the truth!  Prime Minister Netanyahu is for Romney.  I just shake my head and wondering what’s going to happen to the world whatever the outcome.  As I mentioned before unfortunately God said where Romney is the official Republican Candidate we’d have to back Obama.  This is just not right.  There should have been another candidate, Speaker Gerald Polley, God’s candidate.
    Friday morning someone called in a bomb threat to the CNN studios. Streets were closed, a thorough search was made and no device found.  There was supposed to have been a chemical bomb planted.  I hope it wasn’t just some way to divert police while a serious crime was being committed.
    There was a test at Goldsmiths University to see if some psychics were real.  Well, it didn’t.  It was an epic fail, as they say for the psychics.  Here’s an except from a message I wrote for January 20th of this year concerning God’s test to prove psychics are legit or not.  It was called “Crazier And Crazier.”  It’s definitely worth repeating.  This test would have saved some people at this University a lot of money!
     “God wants us to put out His psychic litmus test again, a sure way to tell rather or not a psychic is real.  Go to them, and ask them if we’re real, if Speakers Gerald & Linda Polley are truly servants of God. Now, if the psychic says “Yes, they’re truly servants of God and they should be believed,” they’re real psychics and working for God.  If they say “Oh, they’re real but they shouldn’t be saying what they’re saying because they’ll just upset people!” then they’re real psychics but they’re working for the creatures of Darkness.  If they say “No, they’re not real, they’re total frauds, they don’t have any powers at all!” they’re total and complete fakes.  There’s nothing else.  Anyone that says we’re fakes is a fraud, no question of it, no doubt.  We have control of every true psychic in the world because the creatures of Darkness that want to survive control the ones that God doesn’t.  So, there’s no in between.  There’s no doubt, there’s no question.  If you want to know rather or not your psychic is real, if they really have any power ask them this question.  “Are Speakers Gerald & Linda Polley truly servants of God?” Whatever answer they give will show what they are.”
    Click on the link below if you’d like to read the complete message.


    I got a nasty surprise on Friday. Go Daddy, our web site host, sent me an email saying they’re discontinuing their Web Site Analytics program starting December 20th.  I immediately called them, had my stats returned to their free ones, which are possibly even better than the others, and am getting a refund.  I had  them paid up for three years as the hosting and domain name is.  I will now have a rather substantial payment to make on my credit card bill!  Maybe I’ll get it paid off before February, when the interest will start up on it!  Fortunately I only owe $400 which is because I purchased my grave marker. I’m glad I did and it is installed.  It had to be done.
     One final thing. Speaking of web sites, for some reason lately I’ve been having awful trouble getting the Google Chrome browser to work properly and also Firefox.  I love the form fill feature on Chrome so for ages have had that as my default browser. I don’t like IE.   The other day I was at my eye exam when someone in the afterlife told me I needed to get the Sleipnir browser which I tried once and didn’t care for.  I downloaded it again and love it!  It’s just like Google Chrome when it worked right!  It has several options people can use too, if they like Firefox & Internet Explorer settings.  It’s now also good with mobile devices!  Once again I will say I’m so glad The Afterlife is looking after me and I can listen to the Angels!  Here’s the link to the Sleipner web site.  I call it the Aesir browser.  Strangely enough however, it was developed in Japan!  Needless to say I am very, very happy with it!


     Support The National Buyers’ Strike!  Save America, and, the world!
    Be sure to check out my blog, The Spiritual Connection, for my recent messages.


A Servant Of Him
That Dwells In
The Holiest Of All
That Is Now Resting In Los Angeles

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