Our Most Sacred Day Again

An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice Of God On Earth
To The World

26-10-06 AJ


    Wow! October, my favorite month, has just flown by!  Saturday is our Most Sacred Day once again, the anniversary of when Those from The Old Worlds arrived on this one.  In other words it’s the Spiritist Thanksgiving.  I don’t have any special plans at the moment as it’s before pay day.  Maybe I’ll just cook that nice steak I bought for supper.  Here’s the link to several articles we published in “Voices From Spirit Magazine” telling the true meaning of Halloween.  I’ve given it here before but it’s worth repeating.


     There hasn’t been very many changes in the news lately but I’ll try to put a few comments on what’s going on here.
    On a personal note things have been kind of slow where working on The History is concerned.  I have had several things going on that’s taken me away from The Work.  However this week I plan to get back at the editing in good stead and do some scanning of Book pages also.  Have been having cell phone issues I hope to get taken care of for good this week. 
     Now, onward to what’s going on out there! Love it that Donald Trump is still going strong but it’s scary that Ben Carson knocked him off the top polls spot in Iowa, one of the key presidential election states.  I’m hoping he hasn’t lost any momentum and will end up being the Republican candidate opposite Hillary Clinton in 2,016.  For some reason I have a feeling this will come to pass as my old friend John Lennon has already rewritten the “Stop The Pervert!” song just for that occasion!  Here’s the link to the version he did for my late husband Gerald’s presidential campaign, where you can listen to the mp3.


    Of course I haven’t published the new version yet to see what comes to pass. Like they say, I don’t wanna jinx it!
      I was thoroughly disgusted the other day with the pictures of how Hillary Clinton reacted to her Benghazi hearing, so were most in The Afterlife.  It’s like she’s making a big joke of the whole incident, and could care less. It shows her true colors.  Unfortunately no matter how bad Democratic candidates are the more people seem to love them.
    On another note, in Russia they’ve banned all communist symbols in the city of Odessa, so they had to get rid of the statue of Lenin.  What they did was priceless!  They removed the statue’s head and replaced it with a copy of Darth Vader’s helmet, which is of course from “Star Wars.”  They turned Lenin’s coat tails into Vader’s cape.   The article I read on this said it’s rumored the helmet is also a wi fi hot spot!  How clever is all that? Way to go guys!  I’m sure our old friend Lenin is getting a good laugh from the story.  After all it’s always good to recycle!
    In entertainment I highly recommend “Jurassic World”.  I purchased the blu ray and it’s one awesome movie!  Like my friend says it’s the best one of the trilogy.  Now I own them all.
    FOOTNOTE: I did publish a message earlier this month for John Lennon’s birthday, but it was finished quite late in the day and it was a holiday weekend, so Those in The Afterlife told me not to mail it out just publish it in my blog.  So here’s the link to that so you can catch up if you like.


   Support The National Buyers’ Strike! Save America, and, the world!
   Be sure to check out my blog, The Spiritual Connection, for my recent messages.


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