Pray For Paris Jackson

An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice Of God On Earth
To The World

06-06-04 AJ

    Back at last!  I am pleased to report I had a great anniversary Sunday.  I went out to lunch and had salmon, pickled beets and ceasar salad with iced tea and a roll, then I went to Radio Shack and got a 32 GB flash drive so I now have my web site copy all in one place in case of emergency, then walked home.  Of course I put some pictures on Instagram.  Here’s the links.

   Also I’ve been busy practicing with my new keyboard.  Monday night I was playing one of my favorite of the channeled songs, “Imagine Again” and got the settings just right. So of course I had to record it.  It came out excellent if I do say so myself!  Feel free to check it out and pass the link on to others.

    Now on to the national news.  I’m actually shocked to find out Obama hasn’t done one of the so called most important things for the LGBT community!  He hasn’t issued “an executive order to bar discrimination by federal contractors based on sexual orientation or gender identity.”   A woman who is a co-director of a pro LGBT group recently heckled Mrs. Obama during her speech at a private Democratic National Committee fundraiser and was escorted out.  Let us pray that Obama never gives this order for the sake of the children.  The article I read concerning this said the protester is a divorced lesbian.  Shouldn’t that status be considered an “epic fail”?
    Not really surprising news just being released after all these years stating The Nazis used the dangerous drug meth to keep soldiers alert during battle.  That’s not the only drug that was used.  Alcoholism was prevalent with The Nazis too.  Needless to say the people of Germany are still struggling with illegal drug use and alcoholism.  I hope those who want help can get it.
    So sad and disturbing that a high school senior wasn’t informed of the details of their dress code before this year’s prom, and when she showed up in a beautiful low cut blue gown she wasn’t allowed in because her breasts were “too big.”  She had worn similar outfits to other school events with no problem. She was allowed in after being given a shawl, however the evening was spoiled and she left in twenty minutes.  She now doesn’t know what to do with the dress that has all its bad memories.  I hope things go better for her, and congratulate her on her graduation.  I hope nothing like this ever happens again!
    Give me a break! You’ve got to be kidding!  John Edwards the former Democratic presidential nominee, who cheated on his wife and had a trial concerning finance fraud but was acquitted is planning on starting his own law firm!   Who can trust him, I ask??  Who WOULD trust him?  Some people wonder that about most lawyers, however.  He has admitted to a lot of wrong doing. I should think he would!  However that doesn’t change anything in this world anyway.  My only suggestion would be for people to stay away, stay far, far away from that office!
    So shocking to me the news that our dear friend Michael Jackson’s beloved daughter 15 year old Paris Jackson is in the hospital after attempting suicide.  Apparently she was upset about the trial that’s going on.  About 2 am she was rushed to the nearby hospital in an ambulance where she is getting good care.  The 911 call about 1:17 am June 5th stated that there had been a possible overdose, however one hospital emergency worker stated she had several cuts on one wrist and the article I read suggests she’s had a problem with cutting herself for some time.  The article says that They say there have been attempts in the past but this was not a cry for help this was the real thing.  On Twitter she tweeted the other day that “Kurt Cobain is Jesus.”  I have a feeling our old friend Kurt is taken back and not at all pleased that someone, especially someone so close to a friend in The Afterlife would say this.  He knows he’s “just an ordinary guy.”  All are praying things will be ok. I don’t think I need to say this but I’m asking for prayers for Paris Jackson a real angel.  With all the Darkness around lately she needs all the help she can get.
    Support The National Buyers’ Strike! Save America, and the world!
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