Prayers To OK

An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
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To The World

24-05-04 AJ

    Finally back with more on the news.  So horrible the news about the Moore, Oklahoma tornado!  Prayers to everyone there.  I can’t imagine 200 or more miles per hour winds!  I hate to say it but you couldn’t pay me to live in that tornado alley area!  It’s like a disaster waiting to happen.  So heartbreaking to have lost the ten children.  I hope now officials will see to it that there are adequate storm shelters in the schools from now on!  Actually I was shocked when we moved to Fargo, North Dakota in 1998 Gerald rented a trailer in a trailer park, as this area has tornadoes also.  I swore before we moved that I’d never live in a trailer there, however we did for four years.  The worst thing that happened while we were there was a flood. And the trailer park was on high ground!  Oh well, as they say that’s history.  I will praise The Lords forever thanking Them that I am now in Ellsworth, Maine and intend to live in the same building until I die.  Which hopefully will be when I’m 100 years old or so.
    On the home front I finally gave in and started my own You Tube channel!  I do not want all the songs from The Afterlife that They tried to save the world with to go to waste.  This time I’m playing it smart.  I’m not listing who wrote what for legal reasons.  It’s just Speaker Linda Polley’s Heavenly Music From The Afterlife.  Here’s the link to that.

    So far there’s only one video.  My newest keyboard that we brought from North Dakota gave out, so I have had to order another one. The back up one I used in that video is literally an old clunker now, makes too much noise when you push the keys down like the first one I started channeling the songs with which I still own by the way.  Anyway the new one which is a different brand than any I’ve owned is coming by UPS soon.  It will even have a microphone and a sustain pedal!  I’m excited to get recording again.  This set me back a little financially but the best part of that is it was under $200.  A keyboard is a necessity to me just like the desktop computer.  You’ll soon find out how that turns out.  I’m hoping some day someone will want to help me professionally produce these songs, or a well known singer will want to record them. 
   Also I am proud to say paid me for the two copies of “Whacko The Clown” I sold.  It was all of $9.99 my lucky number 9!  So I know I must be doing things right!
    Now on to what’s going on in elsewhere in the world.  Well I had a feeling it was going to happen, now it has.  America has lost The Boy Scouts to the gays.  They are allowing gay scouts now.  Though the small consolation on this issue is gay scoutmasters are still banned.  The national news said most people are still for the ban of gay scouts, but the new scoutmasters aren’t.   So they’re in.  Is there no one left that wants to save the children enough to stand up for them? 
    More disgrace for this country thanks to  Obama.  The IRS scandal where they admit to targeting conservative groups with certain words in their names like Tea Party.  Some are saying it’s even worse than Watergate!  I wonder how that happened?
    Now there’s the military drones killing US citizens who are not in the military overseas.  According to Obama the people who have been killed by them were encouraging the foreigners to kill Americans.  As he says that renders their citizenship null and void.  It’s scary when I agree with Obama.  It’s also a good thing though that he’s going to be making sure the drones are a bit more controlled in the future.  Hope people listen on this.
    What a horrible thing the British soldier who was beheaded by a couple of Muslims who were mad the US military were in Afghanistan and had killed civilian women.  However blessings to the mother who saw what happened then talked to the killers to calm them down until police got there.  From what I heard they wounded the killers then arrested them.  The world is getting crazier every day.
     Getting tired of hearing about the woman who killed her ex boyfriend.  She’s been found guilty, however the jury couldn’t arrive at a verdict of life or death so now there’s going to be a retrial starting July 18.  She says she’d rather get the death penalty than life.  I say give it to her and get it over with. She’s just a waste of oxygen. Let justice be done.
     Wonderful news to end with. Schools in Netwown, CT are getting $1.3 million in federal aid to help recover from the school shooting last year.  Sometimes the government does do the right thing.
    Also Charles Ramsey the dishwasher who helped rescue kidnapping victims Amanda Berry and the other young ladies from the for real house of horrors in Cleveland, Ohio where they’d been for ten years, has been given free meals from local restaurants as a reward and best of all a year of free food from McDonald’s because he mentioned he was eating his McDonald’s before the rescue. 
    Hope everyone has a safe and happy Memorial Day Weekend! 
   Support The National Buyers’ Strike! Save America, and, the world!
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