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An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice Of God On Earth
To The World

07-12-03 AJ

    Finally back with more on the headlines.  Things have been so slow in the news I took a day off.  Well, here we go again!
    Serbia’s ambassador to NATO has committed suicide!  He was laughing and joking with colleagues in a multistory parking garage when suddenly he just jumped over a barrier and fell to his death!  There’s no apparent motive.  He was in a good mood, then this!  I say it was caused by demons, bath salts or both.  Or maybe he knew something bad he wasn’t supposed to tell.  So sad and disturbing.
      Looks like former president George H.W. Bush is feeling better though he’s still in the hospital.  Glad to hear it.
     The former anti Christ, Bill Clinton, says the Obama administration is closer to a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff than it may appear to the public.  I say, let’s hope something can be done in time.  We don’t need a bunch of necessary programs cut and higher taxes for anyone.
     So tragic the story of the man who was pushed onto the subway tracks by another man he was arguing with, and was killed by the train.  I hope justice is soon done on his behalf.  Condolences to his family and friends.
    At least there’s a little bit of justice in the world.  In Salt Lake City, Utah the inmate covered with neo-Nazi tattoos was sentence to life in prison without chance for parole the killing of a prison security guard.   Five years ago he was unshackled to get an MRI and he escaped, stole a car and was free for 45 minutes.  He got a flat tire then ran into an Arby’s where 59 year old Robert Fullerton was waiting for his breakfast.  Fullerton managed to get the gun away from the attacker.  The attacker ended up punching him and slitting his throat with a knife before the police arrived and arrested him.  A real hero!  Fullerton’s daughter can’t praise her father enough.  The prisoner plead no contest in court which spared him from a trial and the death penalty, however he did say he was guilty of several other crimes.  Damn!  At least he can’t get parole.
    Congratulations to Kate Middleton and Prince William!  They’re expecting their first baby.  Hope it works out well for them since she had to be hospitalized for severe morning sickness and dehydration.  I’m always glad to see good people I knew in a past life doing well.
    Do I have to ask? Why are some people so stupid nowadays?  A woman left her boyfriend in charge of her baby.  He left the baby in a room of her house, left their pit bull dog outside the room’s door, then went to a bar to watch a game and get drunk.  When the woman called him the guy said he was watching the game. When she got home he was trying to get in the house through the garage door while urinating on himself.  He told her the dog was babysitting.  She immediately called the police and he was arrested. Argh!  Come on people.  I thought at least some of you had brains.
   Support the Christmas Buyers’ Strike!  Save America, and, the world!
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