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21-08-04 AJ

    Here again with the latest news updates.  I’m beginning to wonder if my Work with this blog is even worth taking my time for.  No one seems to be listening to God or any religious leaders any more.  Now the New Jersey governor whose name I refuse to mention has made it illegal for counselors and therapists to try to get gay teenagers to be heterosexual.  However I must say some of the methods some of these so called counselors use is highly questionable and those particular businesses should be shut down.   I state once again on behalf of God The Father and all in The Spiritist Republic in The Afterlife, BEING GAY IS A CHOICE!  NO ONE IS BORN THAT WAY!  It’s a mental illness.  As my late husband frequently commented some people can have the tendencies to be a murderer, however they know that would be wrong and don’t do it.  People can have homosexual tendencies, it’s rather they chose to act on those tendencies or not that makes the difference.  It’s a matter of the Soul, not any particular religion.   The acts of homosexuality and lesbianism damage the soul.  It’s that simple.  It’s not just my opinion, it’s a fundamental fact of life and death.
     Speaking of this subject I must be the last one to know and I was shocked! One of my all time favorite actresses, Lily Tomlin is a lesbian and is now talking about the possibility of marrying her partner of 42 years! Arrrrgh!  And she was on “The Magic School Bus” on PBS!
    Wow! Dr. Oz to the rescue!  A cab in New York City jumped a curb after the driver swerved to avoid hitting a cyclist and unfortunately hit a woman by Rockefeller Center last Tuesday morning.  Dr. Oz was one of the first responders on the scene!  Her leg was severed when she was hit by the cab   Dr. Oz actually credits a plumber who got there first for applying a tourniquet and saving the British tourist’s life. But he tended her after this until the paramedics got there.  It appears she’ll be o.k.  Imagine the story she’ll have to tell her family that will be passed on for years to come! 
    This story definitely falls under the What The Hell? category!  A 22 year old student from Australia who was visiting America “on a baseball scholarship at East Central University,” was out jogging in Duncan, Oklahoma after visiting his girlfriend.  After jogging passed a house three teenage boys got in their car, drove after him then shot him in the back with a  22 caliber revolver!  Then they drove off.  A woman administered CPR and 911 was immediately called with no luck.  The young man died.  The teenagers who committed this horrible crime “just for the fun of it” were tracked down with a surveillance video from a nearby business and arrested.  They were charged with first degree murder.  There is a maximum sentence of life in prison.  They can’t be given the death penalty because they are 15, 16 and 17 years old.  However they can be tried as adults.  They said they were bored and didn’t have anything to do so they decided to kill somebody!  They are members of a “wannabe gang.”  Residents stated that they think many more people would’ve died if they hadn’t been stopped when they were.  I agree! The University, is setting up a fund so the victim’s parents can come to Oklahoma.  He was starting his senior year.   I don’t understand how people can be like this!  They must’ve definitely been demon influenced or even possessed by demons themselves, more of those whose original souls have been destroyed by God’s Forces for their evil.  Unfortunately nothing stopped them from doing this one last evil.  Justice had better be done!  Prayers to the victim, his friends and family.
    Now enough of my ranting for today.  A couple of personal notes. I have finished making the pages for The Book Of The Hawk.  I’m just double checking them because some I didn’t go over for spelling errors which includes run together words caused by the scanning.  Then I start on the illustrations.  Found space for one already!  Then it’s copyright and upload for everyone when these are completed. Still stalled on work concerning the next fiction novel for  Will get back at this when I can. 
    I love my Samsung Galaxy S III cell phone through US Cellular!  Paid $99.99 on this phone which is actually over $700 in stores.  Supposed to get a rebate on it in a couple months so it’s free!  I got fed up with TracFone though they served me well over the years.   I’m switching land line service to this company instead of Time Warner Cable because I don’t want it through the computer which I didn’t know it would be until it was installed.  Waiting for my number to be ported. This will save me a few dollars a month. Weather’s hot here again and I’m short on funds. Can’t wait til next month! 
    Had a nice ride to Bangor Friday with my neighbor to pick up her niece.  Had fun, saw my old neighborhood. I had told my neighbors here I didn’t have to go to Bangor until I’m dead because I’ll be buried there.  However fortunately I was wrong.  It was a great day! 
   Support The National Buyers’ Strike! Save America, and, the world!
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