The Other Shoe

An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice Of God On Earth
To The World

13-04-06 AJ


    Well the other shoe has dropped big time, and as far as the future of the world is concerned it was a big steel toed boot!  One of the worst enemies of The Afterlife, Hillary Clinton, is running for president in 2,016!  Of course we knew this would happen, but was hoping it wouldn’t come to pass.  The worst thing is there’s no Republican candidate yet running who’s popular enough to beat her in the race!  We wish so much the law had been changed so Arnold Schwarzenegger could run opposite her.  Everyone is backing Jeb Bush praying he’ll run against her and win.  Even though some of his beliefs are not what The Kingdom Of God supports.  Come on Mr. Bush!  Make this a Bush-Clinton campaign!  Unfortunately there’s no newbie candidate popular enough to run against her and beat her, as of yet anyway.
   Just as soon as I typed this, literally, I read that newbie Marcus Rubio will be a Republican running.  He is another one from Florida. His parents immigrated from Cuba and if elected of course he’d be the first Hispanic president. He is now a congressman.  Also as candidates are Texas Senator Ted Cruz and of course Senator Rand Paul who I recall The Afterlife didn’t like him for some reason.  Oh well, some Republican HAS to win!
   Hillary of course is supporting the LBGT sickness.  The gay couple in her video which marked the start of her campaign has on Twitter, invited her to their “wedding”.  Her first campaign stop will be in Iowa on Tuesday.  Something has to be done to save the children from this mental illness!  The Afterlife will be doing everything they can legally to defeat her.  My faith is very strong in Them, however things do not look good as of yet for Their victory.  Hopefully God The Father has a few tricks up His sleeve for the Republicans to get ahead.  Everything He’s tried so far hasn’t worked.  The creatures of Darkness unfortunately seem to rule right now.
    As we’ve mentioned several times before in Voices From Spirit Magazine, it amazes everyone in The Afterlife how people seem to go for anyone with some kind of shady past, now even in the recent past with Hillary’s email fiasco.  Look at what everyone was willing to overlook when Bill was president!   It’s so frustrating!  Why does everyone want them?
    On another matter so glad to see Jodi Arias has been found guilty of murdering her ex boyfriend.  Unfortunately she’s been given a life sentence not the death penalty she should’ve gotten. Now the taxpayers have to support this disgusting waste of oxygen. At least some kind of justice was done, even though it sounds like the victim deserved it, however it her crime was definitely over kill in every sense of the word. No one deserved what she did.
    Also more justice in the news, as the young Boston Marathon Bomber has been found guilty of his horrible crime and we are waiting to hear his fate.
   FOOTNOTE: I am still working hard on The History Of Spiritism, Books 11 & 12, proofreading and scanning Book 13.  I have also got more updates done on the new site in 2,005.  Hope you’ll check them out.
   Support The National Buyers’ Strike! Save America, and, the world!
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