The Polley Power Team

An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
To The World

09-07-03 AJ

Back with more on the news. However, an update on how I’m doing first. I am doing a lot better than I expected now. I have a wonderful team of people helping me. To my surprise my very first case worker called me Friday afternoon! She has recently got her bachelor’s degree and is now working at the place where I go for support counseling! She is working with my counselor and will even be able to help me with legal stuff which includes getting Gerald’s bank accounts he wanted me to have, small though they may be. We were saying how I once called her and the others helping me The Polley Power Team. They still are! Gerald is still at the crematorium. I am trying to get the funds together to buy him a permanent urn. Funds are a bit tight. I ended up paying for our web site to continue for three more years. They didn’t have an eternity plan like God and Gerald wanted, but I was told I can put it in my will. I intend to get myself a will as soon as possible and pay for my own cremation long before I make my great journey to The Afterlife. I hope it works out that way. I’m waiting for the information to get here in the mail. I plan to put up the next book in Our History next month.
Almost forgot to mention something awesome that happened early Saturday morning around 4:30 am. I was telling our friend Elgard in my email that I was shocked Gerald hadn’t manifested himself to me after he died. I have the stuffed dog someone gave him in the Rehab Center on my bed on the side Gerald slept on when he visited me. I was startled awake by a thunderstorm at the time before mentioned. When I got up to unplug the computers, shut the windows and use the bathroom my right foot brushed something that felt like hair on the floor in front of my night stand, right under where my head would’ve been in bed. When I went back to bed I discovered it was that stuffed dog resting on top of my shoes! I replaced the dog on the bed and went back to sleep. There was no way it could’ve gotten there by me moving the covers or such! I am certain that Gerald visited me that night and put the dog there as a sign it was him that visited me. There were no bad vibes with this. Here are the links to a couple of pictures featuring that dog so you can see it would’ve been impossible for me to send it flying over me in the middle of the night. If I had it wouldn’t have been placed so perfectly on the floor. Bless you forever, Gerald for giving me a sign that you are doing o.k. in The Afterlife!

Now, I’m so glad to see that Speaker Boehner is still speaking out against Obama and, now Romney. He told people at a fund raiser last month that people are probably not going to fall in love with Mitt Romney. Also he said 95 per cent of people that show up to vote in November won’t be voting for Obama. I pray he’s right, I hope it’s 100 per cent!
Looks like Russia has the right idea concerning homosexuality, as they have adopted a law against spreading homosexual propaganda even though homosexuality was decriminalized at the fall of The Soviet Union! There is still much disdain against it. They will be blessed for sticking with God in this matter. Two gay rights rallies were broken up in St. Petersburg this weekend by police, and those arrested for this will be paying a $500.00 to $15,000 fine. I wish law this would catch on here in this country.
On the same subject what a shame that Barney Frank has married his long time male partner. Yet another nail in Earth’s coffin. So sad! People just will not see this is wrong and, can harm you, even your soul.
Justice has been done in Argentina as their former dictator Jorge Rafael Videla was convicted and sentenced to 50 years Thursday for running a program that stole babies from prisoners who were kidnapped, tortured and killed through the military junta’s war on leftist dissidents which took place three decades ago. The last dictator of this country was sentenced to only 15 years Since Videla is 86 he will be spending his life in jail. Good enough for him.
Looks like the forensic folks are getting the right idea. They’re reporting Marilyn Monroe’s last purchase is showing that she actually wasn’t contemplating suicide. She bought a white chest of drawers from Pilgrim Furniture for $228.80 by check. This was the day before her death. As we have reported she has told us from The Afterlife that her death was from an accidental overdose of pills. Maybe some day they’ll listen. At least this is a start.

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