The Truth Hurts

An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
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To The World

03-08-03 AJ

     Back again with the latest news comments. First of all an update from the home front.  Today marks the end of an era.  I decided to disconnect Gerald’s wireless internet.  I felt bad since it’s an awesome service, however Elgard told me it figured out to be $600 a month which I can’t afford which is besides my cable internet service which is $129 a month which includes unlimited internet and digital cable t.v.  Oh yes my DVR service too.  Like I told the man at the Verizon office I’ll always highly recommend their service, it’s awesome!  They also spoke with me on the phone from the main office, and told me their phone service is $19.99 a month!  Great deal. However I have a land line with a discounted bill, and two Tracfones.  So no thanks on that one too.  Oh the Tracfones…one is our ‘official’ phone whose number appears on all our messages and the second one is my personal one I got while at the women’s shelter.  It used to be free.  But where I have the discount on the land line I have to use it as a Tracfone now. That’s ok. I still got to finish off my free 240 minutes I had when I originally discontinued it as the free service. Phew!  Too confusing! 
    Anyway I got that done, then took myself to lunch at our favorite Diner.  I got a crabmeat roll.  Fantastic!  I got to sit at the small table I sat at with Gerald the last time we were there.  I also in desperation, bought a portable air conditioner on EBay.  Not bad for under $200 brand new!  I forgot about my EBay account I got to purchase that book for Gerald.  He never got to finish it.  It’s here somewhere.  Oh and lastly, I went to the Dollar Store and got myself two non allergenic pillows, then the grocery store and got some cookies to take to bingo, and some ice cream for me.  It was hilarious carrying all this stuff down the hill to my place!  A pillow in each hand in a plastic bag, and the two small plastic grocery bags, my computer bag over my shoulder and my pocketbook over the other.  I definitely got my workout. 
   I was pleased to hear that Gerald was watching during all this.  At the Diner a couple came in with a cute baby boy about two.  I hardly noticed then I heard Gerald’s voice just as plain say "Look at that curly hair!"  I looked and sure enough there was the baby with curly hair!  Then The Beatles song Rain came on the speaker. Those were my big adventures. Glad they’re over. Anyway, now on to the national news.
    I see Kofi Annan has stepped down as the United Nation’s Envoy to Syria. He gives the reason for this as "The increasing militarization on the ground and the clear lack of unity in the Security Council have fundamentally changed the circumstances for the effective exercise of my role."  This is a victory for God’s forces, who do not believe there needs to be a UN at all.  Also, The UN General Assembly will vote Friday on a resolution for The Arab League demanding that Assad step down.  What business is it of theirs, anyway?  Unless their help has been specifically asked for, I think it should be up to the individual nations what should happen there.  Obama and others should not interfere.  Oh, Mr. Annan has a book that will be published in September.  Sure.  I’m sure he believes there’ll be huge sales for him to fall back on.  Don’t count your chickens before they hatch.
    One of our favorite fast food restaurants Wendy’s has announced that one of the largest of its franchises owners Jim Furman, CEO of the Tar Heel Capital franchise,  is supporting the Chick-Fil-A CEO who is standing firm against gay marriage, saying that their restaurant is a traditional family restaurant.  Wendy’s in The Carolinas had a sign out which read "WE STAND WITH CHICK-FIL-A" then they decided to take these down and go with their traditional advertising.  Let’s pray that more restaurants and businesses follow suit.  God definitely blesses these fine gentlemen for standing with Him and the truth.
    So shocking and sad!  A popular comedian in Somalia has been shot and killed in front of his home after mocking Islamist militants "for brainwashing children and killing civilians."  He was only 43,  One of his colleagues said his murder has sent Mogadishu back to the dark ages.  I’m glad there’s more free speech in our country, also that Jimmy Kimmel and our other comedian friends at KROQ in Los Angeles are safe. 
    In the entertainment news, it’s good to read that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are speaking again, though Pattinson is still somewhere in hiding.  I have started watching the DVD of the Twilight Saga; Eclipse and it’s great!  Fantastic special effects. They make those wolves look so real!
    Congratulations to the so called "Tanning Mom" who has given up tanning.  Keep up the good work!  I guess she’ll think twice before brining a little girl anywhere near a tanning bed again!
     Interesting to read that Netflix’s web site traffic is down 25% during the London Summer Olympics.  Well I’m still there.  I haven’t even watched any of the Olympics, been too busy.  Actually not really interested. However in case I haven’t said this before, I love the Netflix service!   It’s one of the best things I ever signed up for.  Now I can catch up on the new episodes of "Doctor Who" and the old "Stargate SG1" shows I missed.  It’s really helped me relax since Gerald’s death.  I will always highly recommend it to everyone.
   Wait! Almost missed this story!  Heidi Wys, adviser to Puerto Rico’s most powerful female lawmaker has faced calls to resign because of a tweet she sent to Obama on Wednesday. Obama had tweeted it was almost his wife’s birthday.  Heidi Wys tweet said this "Who cares? Take her to Burger King, buy her a sundae with double banana, take her to your homeland, Kenya!"  A senator said that this comment was racist and hateful, that it’s not right for their government to pay someone to discriminate against a President Of The United States.  Once again someone telling the truth is in trouble.  I guess as they say the truth hurts.  I hope this lady doesn’t resign.
   It’s been formally announced Thursday that one of God’s favorite daughters, Rebekah Brooks, the News Of The World editor and the chief of News International has appeared at the police station and been formally charged with phone hacking.  I hope things get sorted out with this case soon.  I have a feeling she’s not as guilty as they believe she is.
    Oh! And thanks to Speaker Boehner and The House Of Representatives for trying to protect the Defense Of Marriage Act, even though it was struck down in Connecticut a few days ago concerning some case there.
    Not much else going on.  As usual I will keep everyone updated when I can.  I’ve tried to have messages every day, unfortunately it appears every other day is more to my schedule unless something amazing is going on.  Thanks for reading this! 
   Support The National Buyers’ Strike! Save America, and, the world!
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