The UK Knew The Truth

An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
To The World

19-07-03 AJ

    Here again with my regular updates.  First on the home front, I’ve received two copies of Gerald’s death certificate.   Today is the big day I am interviewed on the phone by social security concerning widow’s benefits, then afterwards my caseworker takes me to pick up Gerald’s ashes.   It’s going to be kind of a shock at first.  I have never been in charge of any human’s ashes before let alone those of someone who was so close to me.   I have the ashes of our two precious dogs in urns here though.  Someone on the internet has asked me if I have cried for him.  I must admit yes, even just after I learned he was gone.  Like I told the nurses at the time I had promised him I wouldn’t cry when he died.  However like they replied you think you won’t but it’s different when it actually happens.  Definitely!  Though I know he’s here with me in spirit from time to time, I still miss him.   I guess it’s something I’ll never get used to. 
    Gerald, John, George and our other friends in The Afterlife are enjoying my proofreading out loud to them of the next Book of our History I intend to copyright and put on line next month.    They of course are enjoying the new stereo, and John and others play and sing along with the songs.   Many people don’t understand why I’m not sad and depressed all the time with grief.  Never!  Because I understand my husband is at peace now, without pain and with our friends over There still hunting and destroying evil.  Life goes on, even if it’s on another frequency, as they say another plane of existence.  If you do good you go There.  Gerald used to say there’s one thing he wished for, at least one day, 24 hours without any pain.  Unfortunately he could not have that wish in the material world, however he got that wish July 5th, 2,012 in The Spirit Realm the day after he died.  May God and The Lords Of Spirit bless and keep him forever.  He was the bravest person I have ever known. 
    Now, on to the news.  God blesses the investigators for an Arizona sheriff’s volunteer posse who are now positive that Obama’s long form birth certificate is fake!  Authorities in Hawaii are saying their records are some of the best managed and protected.  I say no matter.  If a president says to mess with something it’s going to be messed with no matter what!  A special assistant to the attorney general says the Arizona sheriff’s allegations are "misinformed, untrue, and misconstrue Hawaii law."  No way!  The volunteer posse is right!  Accept the facts and get over it people!
     The infamous Westboro Baptist Church plans to picket actor Sage Stallone’s funeral because his father Sylvester Stallone was an adulterer, that by being married three times he taught his son to mock God.   That is just wrong!  It’s not of their damned business to begin with.  A funeral is sacred and should not be picketed for any reason.  Family and friends of the deceased should be given their chance to mourn their loss in peace and dignity.  There needs to be stricter laws towards no protesting at funerals.
    God’s praise goes to The Boy Scouts Of America who have reaffirmed to not allow gays into their organization after a two year review.  I pray all other scouting groups follow suit. 
     So sad to see that Syria’s defense minister was killed in a bomb blast at the National Security Building today, and the interior minister was wounded.    This was the day the UN Security Council was to vote on a new resolution to pressure the Syrian regime to comply with a new peace plan.  However with Russia at odds with The U.S. and European allies concerning all mentions of sanctions and Chapter 7 of the UN charter, there could eventually end up being violence to end the Syrian conflict.  Unfortunately it seems to be the only thing people understand now. 
    The UK has declassified their UFO documents.  Interesting to read that former prime minister Tony Blair was briefed on sightings in 1998, The Ministry Of Defense was concerned with military jets crashing after supposed encounters with UFOs, also that Defense Intelligence wanted to develop weapons out of little known atmospheric plasmas!  Tony Blair has said that introducing a Freedom Of Information Act was the worst decision he ever made.  He admits it encouraged people like himself to bombard certain governmental departments with requests for information.  This is why they decided to release the UFO files because they couldn’t handle the pressure they were putting them under.  It was costing too much money to respond to each request then search through the files.  There have been more requests for this information on the National Archive website than any before, on any other subject.  Here’s the link.  Now everybody knows they knew the truth is out there all along.

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