The Wrath Of God

An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice Of God On Earth
To The World

30-04-09 AJ


      There hasn’t been much going on here or in the news for me to comment about that’s why this post is so late for April. 
      There is one most important thing I did want to mention, which is the fire that devastated Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France on April 15th.  My opinion is this.  With all the negative information being released concerning Catholic priests everywhere being accused of child molestation, it’s not surprising to me at all that this horrific fire happened.  I firmly believe it was some kind of warning from God The Father for all this to stop, for investigations into these matters to continue, that He is very, very angry and upset that the innocent children had to suffer at the hands of men who were supposed to be His trusted servants and wanted to care for and protect children, not scar their minds, bodies and souls forever. 
     I recall some years ago in our magazine, Voices From Spirit, that Lord Peter, formerly known as Saint Peter pledged to God that he would destroy The Catholic Church, bring it down because of just such things as these happening in it over the ages.  It looks like he is keeping his promise very well! 
     However Notre Dame Cathedral was of importance to the world, every religion not just the Catholic faith, and historians too.  Many historical artifacts were kept in it. The building was very, very old.  Fortunately the statues had been removed earlier to be cleaned and many of the treasured items were saved, including what Christians believed to be The Crown Of Thorns that The Nazarene wore.  They’re saying this was caused by a spark from the electrical wiring in the building or smoking.  There was construction going on with part of the building at the time.
     Many millionaires have donated to raise a substantial amount of funds to rebuild The Cathedral.  I have been told that it won’t be easy.  There will be several setbacks.  Anyway, I have been made aware by a friend that the amount donated would be more than enough to clean up that giant trash pile in the ocean and then some.  Do you think any of these wealthy people would think of doing something like that, that would help save the planet? Noooo!  But that’s my rant for this month. Hope it helps a few out there think. 
     Most important of all, remember what I was told by Those in charge in The Afterlife.  You don’t need a building to have a church. The church is made up of the members.  A building is only a material thing.  It’s the people that matter.
     On the home front, I have finished proofreading the longest Book in The History Of Spiritism, “The Book Of Morning Star”.  I now just have to put the finishing touches on it and the Book before it “The Book Of Change,” and upload them to my web site.  Then I only have to proof read two more. I can’t wait for the day when I finish this and will be able to say my Life’s Work is done!  What I promised my late husband Gerald and Those in The Afterlife will be complete! Then I’m not sure what I will be doing. Perhaps I will make EBook copies of all the Books, and/or work on publishing some of Gerald’s wonderful fiction stories on the web site.  Time will tell. As always, we’ll just have to wait and see!
     My two other web sites concerning our “Here’s Jesus!” video series are now gone. I am concentrating only on now, as it should have been a long time ago.
     In entertainment news, I want to praise the You Tube series “SafariLIVE!” for it’s great success being broadcast not only on the internet site, but also on SABC 3 a South African television station once a week on Sunday mornings our time.  Season one made up of 13 episodes, was well received by their audience and it has been renewed for season two, which has already started.  You can watch the videos on the SafariLIVE You Tube web site.  I highly recommend them to all who love wildlife!  Here’s the link to their You Tube page!  Their archives are fantastic too!

     See you next month!

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