This Is It!

An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice Of God On Earth
To The World

06-11-03 AJ

    Well, this is it, the big day once again where the fate of the world is decided.   I fondly remember the email being typed in our documentary film, “Where Has Eternity Gone?” on Election Day 2,000.  I wish I could report details about The Afterlife like Gerald did back then.  Some people ask why I’m still bothering to send out messages.   As I’ve mentioned before it’s the only way I know how to keep fighting against evil, to try to help save the world.  I will be going to the polls today with my caseworker to vote for Gerald A. Polley (posthumously).  I pray the rest of the country does the right thing.  I hope the Angels will be at the polls.  I don’t know.  We just have to do what we feel is right.  Here’s the link to our film you can watch free on line.

    No offense to our dear friend Michael Jackson, the name of my message, “This Is It” is because I received email from several Republicans including Romney, called that.  So I just thought I’d add one more.  Hey, it fits!

    Looks like at the last minute Sarah Palin has said she’s voting for Romney.  Figures.  It takes one creature of Darkness to know another.  Well, anyway I guess she’s a Republican so it’s to be expected.

    Looks like Bill Clinton just won’t quit.  He has recorded a robocall message for Massachusetts senate candidate Elizabeth Warren, asking people to vote for her.  He’s helping in a very close race, apparently.  Of all people I wouldn’t want his endorsement if you paid me for it!

    I see Obama was heckled in Cincinnati by anti abortion protesters.  Then he made some joke about the Chicago Bears recent big win.  Sigih.  I’m with that little girl on a video who was crying because she is fed up with Obama and Romney.  I’ll be keeping an eye on the news throughout the day.  I might not watch it all day, especially as I play bingo here Tuesday night.  But yes, I’ll be watching.
So horrible about the floods in Nigeria killing hundreds and displacing 2.1 people!  We think people have it bad in this country from the hurricane, they got it much worse.  I saw there’s even floods in Italy!
Interesting!  There’s some never before seen photos of Marilyn Monroe been made public.

    Good Morning America host Robin Roberts, who is having treatment for a rare blood and bone marrow disorder made a special appearance on the show for the kick off of their day long fundraiser for Hurricane Sandy victims.  She’s at home under doctors’ orders, and it’s been very difficult for her not to go to help the victims.  God blesses her and I pray her treatments are successful soon.

    Well, dark one Miley Cyrus has done something right for a change.  She’s gotten a restraining order against her stalker who was arrested a while back for trespassing on her property.  Hope it keeps him away.  This jerk told people Miley is his wife and they’ve been friends for years when he was arrested.  Hope he doesn’t do something even more stupid.  I don’t like her but I don’t want her to come to any harm.

    The Catholic Church in Poland has condemned a coffin maker’s advertising calendar as inappropriate because he has pictures of topless women in it with his product!  I saw one of these pictures with the article about it, and it was tastefully done, however the description of other photos in next year’s edition make it sound more like a poorly done Halloween calendar!   Anyone ordering it got a free key chain shaped like a coffin.  The man was trying to make money.  He said he thinks the coffin should not be treated as a religious symbol, but a product.  Yes, but there’s a limit! His son came up with the idea for the calendar, wanting to promote the beauty of Polish women.  However The Church says human death should be treated with solemnity, not sex.  In this case I tend to agree!

    On a personal note I’ve decided to sell my laptop and have taken it to Computer Essentials to see if they want to buy it.  I’ve taken the plunge and ordered a tablet pc from Wal Mart.  The laptop was just too hard to carry around.  I’m still awaiting their decision on it.  I’m of course keeping the IPod Touch for my mp3s.  Here’s the I assume last picture of me taken from the laptop with the new computer screen in the background.

Last Old PC Pic

    Don’t forget to vote!   Like they say, you can make a difference!

    Support The National Buyers’ Strike!  Save America, and, the world!
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