True Dixie

An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice Of God On Earth
To The World

26-06-06 AJ


     Just a few comments today as there’s not a heck of a lot going on out there that’s new.  Wanted to get something in the blog before this month is over too.  Speaking of dates, I like how cool the Spiritist Date looks just above.
    First thing, on the home front, now that I got a new piano keyboard I figured it was about time I made a music video.  Since our old friends Kevin & Bean, KROQ in Los Angeles have a new lady on their show replacing Lisa May who had to go on to other things, I figured I should update the song I channeled for them.  On instructions from John Lennon In The Afterlife I updated the lyrics to add Allie MacKay’s name and did so.  Here’s the link to the finished product on my You Tube page.  Though there are a couple of rough spots everybody in The Afterlife thinks it came out very well.  Hope you’ll enjoy it and pass it on to others.

    The main issue in the news I need to comment on is God The Father and the former Confederate Generals and leaders from the Civil War era in The Afterlife praise Alabama and the other southern states who are taking down the Confederate flag or trying to get this done.  They consider it a “Flag of hatred,” as stated in the channeled song, “True Dixie”.   The flag that replaces it in the video is the flag of The Confederate Forces Of Atonement, Those spirits formerly of the Confederacy during their lifetimes who are trying to make up for things they did in their lifetime, and, helping the world continue on the right path.  Here’s a link to the animated video we put together a few years ago with God The Father Himself singing through my late husband Gerald’s body.

    I’m so glad that those in this world are finally listening to Those in The Afterlife on this matter. It’s horrible however that it had to take the murders of nine people of color in the historic South Carolina church during Bible study to finally enlighten others concerning this issue.  Prayers and blessings to the victims, their families and loved ones.
    Unfortunately also The Supreme Court has decided Obamacare is ok and will stick around.  Also no surprise, they’ve voted 5 to 4 that all states must recognize gay marriage there’s no choice in the matter.  The corruption of America continues.  I pity the children. 
    Still the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email continues, and there are like fifteen of them missing.  I’m not sure how the authorities know this but more power to them!  The Afterlife definitely thinks there’s something fishy there.
    The Vatican proved once again its corruption knows no bounds as it now has a treaty with The Palestinian State!  As most of you know from our emails way back Father Abraham’s peace plan for The Middle East is that The Palestinians have a homeland outside of Israel.  Sadly it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen any time soon.
    In entertainment news, I was delighted to say the least my old friends Kevin & Bean on KROQ in LA had the interview I did with them a while back played twice on “The Best Of” this week while they’re on vacation!  Here’s the link to the one they played.  The Afterlife also got a kick out of the funny little skit they threw in at the end with the ‘demon’. Thanks for sending all the positive energy guys!  Enjoy!——-June%2025%20Thursday-Best%20Of%20Kevin%20And%20Bean&file=14%20Linda%20Polley-2015-04-17.mp3

   Support The National Buyers’ Strike! Save America, and, the world!
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