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An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
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24-05-07 AJ


   This month is almost gone and I haven’t written anything in my blog.  I just wanted to get something out there so everyone would know I’m still alive.  So here’s my attempt at commenting on the most important news stories out there.  They are few and far between.
    So thrilled God’s presidential candidate Donald Trump is still going strong, actually stronger than ever!  We’re all pleased he’s toned down a little bit and is getting advice on things.  Like he says he wants to do things right, and is even learning how stuff works.  He’s looking for his Vice Presidential running mate and apparently wants someone who’s knowledgeable about financial issues that will be a huge help to him in office.  Way to go! There’s no giving up now!  Trump all the way!  He’s definitely giving Hillary Clinton a run for her money and hopefully win in the end.  The Republican Convention is next month! Ought to be awesome!
    Almost forgot to mention…..The National Rifle Association endorsed Donald Trump!  However not all of it’s members are happy with their decision. One person is quitting their membership.  Like the old saying goes, you can’t please everybody.
    Speaking of politics, Obama is still trying to do the most damage he can to the world before leaving office.   Someone has complained he’s interfering in foreign affairs, messing with issues where he doesn’t belong.  Now he has visited Vietnam for the first time beginning what is called an historic Asian tour.  He has lifted the ban on the sale of military equipment to said country which has been in place for fifty years!  I’ve read parts of this ban have been lifted years ago.  Now it is completely gone.  Let’s just hope Vietnam officials prove trustworthy and we don’t end up regretting this move.
    Glenn Beck is saying that The USA is, with the disgusting issues now about gays, etc., and bathrooms, getting ready to ‘normalize” pedophilia as an article on line states.  I’m sure many of you will remember my late husband Gerald saying something like this. He used to say that if gay rights were legalized next they’d be doing the same thing for bestiality and pedophilia!  So what does this tell you?  All I can say is to quote a famous phrase “Be afraid, be very afraid” for your children’s safety and mental well being.  Somehow this insanity has to end.  Like Gerald also said “Gays already have the same rights as everybody else.  They don’t need special rights.”  And I agree, also with people should go by the sex they were born as. 
    In entertainment news, so sad to read that actor Bill Cosby has admitted to some of the sexual abuse of women he committed that happened years ago.  At least he’s being honest now, and I pray it helps some of the victims.  It’s so hard for me to believe these things happened because he’s been such a big star through the years associated with decency and honesty.  Boy were we fooled!  I was  praying that there were so many women coming forward because they just wanted to jump on the bandwagon so to speak and maybe get some money from suing Cosby. So tragic it’s not the case.
      Support The National Buyers’ Strike! Save America, and, the world!
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