Two Evils

An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
To The World

10-07-03 AJ

     There’s so much going on in the world I’m back today to comment on it.  So shocked to see the three minute video on the internet that shows a Taliban militant shooting and killing a woman just outside of Kabul because she had been accused of adultery by The Taliban.   There were about 150 men watching this and when the woman was dead they were yelling and cheering.  Some said that Allah wanted it.  Nothing could be further from the truth!  Allah condemns anyone involved in this brutality.  Now The Taliban have denied any involvement in the execution.  Some residents of Kabul have vowed revenge, and a female lawyer who campaigns for girls’ education says this incident means a sharp turn for the worse and a huge step backwards for women.  I hope there’s some harsh punishment somehow, somewhere for those that murdered this poor woman.  I believe the news story also said The Taliban used her possibly even raped her then just tossed her aside like this.  I’m sure when their time comes to die they won’t even get out of their bodies before going poof forever.  Good riddance!  I’m sure their victim is being well honored by Muhammed in Paradise.

     God’s praise goes to one of His favorite daughters, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer who has requested that the Supreme Court overturn the ruling which says state employees can keep their same sex partners on their benefits, including health insurance.  Ms. Brewer has filed a petition asking the high court to overturn The United States Court Of Appeals ruling in September of 2,011.  Three months ago the Ninth Circuit denied a request from Arizona state lawyers to rehear this case.   She’s got the idea!  We can’t give up!  We have to keep trying when we know something’s not right!  Like Gerald said “We’ve got to fix this mess!”

    Here we go again!  What is it with Florida lately?  A nurse caught her husband with his new girlfriend in a Walgreen’s store July 1st.  She then grabbed a bag of ice cream he’d just bought and threw it at him, hitting him in the head with it!  The man and his girlfriend tried to leave the store, however she followed them, hitting the man with her fists then her car keys!  She was arrested on a misdemeanor battery charge, while her husband suffered scratches to his chest and hand.  She may have been upset, but as she now realizes, that was not the way to handle the situation!

    Someone has asked if Gerald will be able to stop Obama from being reelected from The Afterlife.  I’m sure he’ll be doing all he can.  However, as he stated in one of his last messages, if Romney is made the Republican’s candidate we can’t support him.   I say this time it’s not the case of the lesser of two evils, it’s two evils.  There’s no sign of Obama being impeached any time soon, unfortunately.  Now God’s candidate is no longer in the running there’s got to be another answer, some how somewhere.  I pray God will guide us toward what we should do now for the sake of the future.

     Support The National Buyers’ Strike! Save America, and, the world!

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