We Did It!

An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice Of God On Earth
To The World

31-05-10 AJ


     Sorry this is late, but I wanted to fit something in for this month. 
    In the news, myself and everyone in The Afterlife is so thrilled with the successful launch of the Space X rocket on Saturday! Gerald told me once that many things in the future won’t happen without the success of the US space forces. Well there’s a good start to a better future right there!  Wishing the two astronauts a successful mission and a safe journey home!  It’s so awesome that private industries, not just NASA and the government can accomplish such a history making goal! Thank you Elon Musk for supporting this project!
     On a sadder note, condolences to the friends and family of George Floyd, who was killed by a cop who knelt on his throat for eight minutes.  He told the officer he couldn’t breathe but still they pinned him down this way until he lost consciousness and then died at the hospital. The video of what happened was shown on the national news.  Since there have been riots all across the US with those protesting police violence against blacks, the Black Lives Matter people and several others against police violence, who have burned down a police station, and even damaged buildings near The White House.  I read they’ve even broken a window in The White House itself!  The  three policemen involved have been arrested. I have a feeling that if there hadn’t been the lockdown for the Covid-19 virus the riots wouldn’t have been quite as bad. Though there is no excuse for any of it  I agree there was no need of this horrendous treatment of another human being, no matter what color.  I pray justice is done.  I’m sad to say however, I have a feeling even this won’t stop such violence by the police from happening. I support the honest and decent police officers in this country. People should consider the consequences of taking part in such destruction no matter how passionate you feel about an important cause.  There is another way.
     I praise President Donald Trump for the way he’s handling the Coronavirus situation and this violence.  He might always do the right thing but he’s trying very hard. 
     Not too much else to comment on.  However I do want to add that the Wild Earth live safaris program on You Tube is definitely not shutting down!  They’ve acquired much needed funds with help from viewers’ donations.   Now they’re broadcasting from several locations and fans are getting to see different animals and learn about where they live too.  Even more is planned for in the future.  So exciting!  Hope you’ll check it out! It’s on twice a day every day at the time of this publishing at 9 am EST and 12:30 am.  So exciting!  Here’s the link. Hope you’ll check it out when you can!


     On a personal final note June 2nd is my 48rh wedding anniversary.  People tell me “You can’t have an anniversary! Your husband is dead!”  Well I say yes I can! I enjoyed paying tribute to the 40 years Gerald and I spent together.  I really get a kick out of when people I just meet on the phone or wherever, call me Mrs. Polley without even knowing I’m a widow and was married 40 years!  I’m honored to be Mrs. Polley, and hope I am doing the right things to make my husband proud of me in The Afterlife.  Bless you always Gerald Polley for putting up with me for so long!  I pray you’re doing well as can be in The Afterlife.  And that I’ll see you again some day.
     See you all next time!  Hopefully this pandemic will be over with by then.  Fortunately I’m ok.  It’s been the same every day for me here except for not going to doctor’s appointments and senior lunch.  I’ve just been on shelter in place and have been able to get groceries, etc.  However my dentist office is back open and I’m one step closer to getting my new top dentures thanks to my new insurance! 
    Hang in there everybody!  We can do this!
    Be sure to check out my blog, The Spiritual Connection, for my recent messages.


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