What A Band In Heaven!

An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice Of God On Earth
To The World

24-02-06 AJ


   Been a while since I posted, just wanted to get a quick message out before the end of the month.  Sunday I was reminded of the joys of being psychic. I was working on an illustration for The Book at the desktop pc, coloring it on paint.  I started playing the digital “Tapestry” album by Carole King at Amazon Prime Music, which was a gift from a neighbor.  All of a sudden I heard “Ladies and gentlemen, Miss Janis Joplin!” then she started singing along with that album!  If I’m not mistaken she sings with Kurt Cobain And The Wonders now.  I could see and hear much of her performance.  She was singing with said band and John Lennon’s band too!  It was amazing!  Like someone said once, “What a band they have in Heaven!” I would say The Afterlife but no matter.  It was an awesome treat to keep me going!  Thanks everyone!
  Now what’s out there? Apparently not much good.  So terrifying about the fact that ISIS has given up trying to get people from the US to their countries because of security efforts to stop them from going there that now they’re apparently getting those who want to join ISIS here to take part in mall attacks.  The insanity never seems to end and Those in The Afterlife trying to save the world are working overtime to prevent disaster.  Something has to be done soon!  I’m afraid to think of what will happen if these idiots aren’t stopped!  Speaking of these wastes of oxygen, I just read they’ve kidnapped at least 90 people in northeastern Syria.  “It looks like their fate is sealed.” I heard that from The Afterlife. 
    In other matters, as if we didn’t know by now, Obama won’t do a damn thing!  His plan seems to be to block everything congress sends him that could help people with jobs.  It looks like now he’s getting ready to veto the legislation to build the Keystone XL pipeline Tuesday.  The bill was first proposed in 2,008.   I don’t know if it would be good for the environment, but we’ll have to wait and see what happens.
    In entertainment news I didn’t watch The Academy Awards show this year, I watched my one of my new favorite shows “The Walking Dead” and then after “The Talking Dead” on AMC.  I have a feeling this is why the Oscars had the lowest rating in six years because everyone was doing the same as me!  However I was totally disgusted that in this episode a new male character is a homosexual and kissed his boyfriend on the lips a couple of times.  No, I never read the comics, so I don’t know if this guy was in them or not. If he was I wasn’t prepared.  I just give up boycotting these shows with gay characters.  I in no way approve of them, and like Gerald I support the belief that programs such as these influence young people to become gay by telling them “It’s ok!  Do whatever you want to do. There’s no problem with it.”  However it looks like we’re stuck with them.  Writers are thinking “This is what real life is like. Better include this type of people.”  Nope dot com. That doesn’t make it right.  I just wish more people would think the same way and complain to the production companies and/or the networks that feature them.  As I commented to a neighbor the other day, “This year there was more of that kind of stuff on The Walking Dead than on an awards show!”  though everybody knows about Neil Patrick Harris who was the host.
    Happy birthday to my old friend in The Afterlife, George Harrison who was born on the 25th in 1943!  Hope he has an awesome day.
   Support The National Buyers’ Strike! Save America, and, the world!
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