What The Hell?

An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice Of God On Earth
To The World

01-03-04 AJ

    Back again with my latest comments on the national news.  Thank goodness!  The Pope is history.  I’m afraid to say I don’t think anyone they pick next for the position will do any better, especially if God and Pope John Paul II will have anything to do with it.
    A real hero has left us, Maj. Thomas C. “Tom” Griffin, who was a B-52 bomber navigator in the WWII Doolittle’s Raid attack on Japan’s mainland.  He was 96 and leaves behind four remaining Raiders.  He was living in a veterans nursing home.  I’m sure the Commander Of Commanders has pleasantly welcomed him to The Afterlife and saluted him for a job well done.
    God continues to praise Speaker Boehner, who despite thousands of Republicans deciding to back gay marriage he’s still sticking with the Defense Of Marriage Act.
    I just heard that actor Clint Eastwood has decided to back gay marriage. What the hell?
    Here we go again!  The House voted on Thursday to pass The Violence Against Women Act, bipartisan Senate update.  If it goes through it will add protections for Native American, LGBT and immigrant victims of abuse.  Obama says he’ll immediately pass it. We’ll see.  I just don’t understand why the LGBT folks need special protection. 
    The Obama Administration is urging The Supreme Court to get rid of California’s ban on same sex marriage, saying it’s unconstitutional.  Apparently if this goes through it means individual states couldn’t ban same sex marriage.  Like Gerald used to say, it’s Obama’s main goal to “fag” the world.  He’s even been interfering with Mid Eastern countries who have very strict laws against gay marriage.  I just wish he’d mind his own business and let the people make up their minds like they already did a couple times about Proposition 8 in California.  I’m very very upset that the people have less and less say in things in this country!  First with the electoral college now everything else.  Something needs to be done to fix this situation.   “By the people, for the people” doesn’t seem to mean anything any more.
    Speaking of homosexuals, Clarksdale, Mississippi’s mayoral candidate who was an openly gay Democrat (Figures, Democrat!) was found dead earlier this week by the Mississippi Delta.  A 22 year old man has been charged in his death.   The public doesn’t know the whole story behind this yet, but I will say again, it’s ok to disagree with homosexuality and lesbianism all you want but there’s no need of unwarranted violence toward them.  If they don’t make unwanted sexual advances toward you, leave them alone.  I hope they solve this mystery soon and justice will be done.
    Here’s a name we thought we wouldn’t hear again for a long time.  Former presidential candidate Mitt Romney is giving an interview on Fox about what it was like to loose the election.  Well of course it won’t be a short interview but it should be two words, “It sucked!”     
    Wow!  Things gotta be pretty bad out there when the Girls Gone Wild adult entertainment franchise is filing for bankruptcy!  I guess they went a little too wild.
    Support The National Buyers’ Strike! Save America, and, the world!
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