An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice Of God On Earth
To The World

18-04-04 AJ

    I’m almost afraid to look at the news to see what’s happened next!  I took a day or so off from writing a message because of the tragedy with the double bombing at the Boston Marathon.   I was kind of in shock that this happened.   I’d just gotten done on the phone with Adobe customer service after receiving my own copy of Adobe Acrobat XI Pro in the mail then saw the headline about this on my internet home page then turned on the news.  I also waited to start a message just in case there were some answers as to who caused this disaster.  So far nothing.  Prayers to the victims, their friends and families.  I was even going as far as wondering if someone did it because they thought it would cause the government to blame the North Koreans where they’ve been threatening to attack the US with nuclear weapons and such and start big trouble with them that way.  I just say I want to know who to be mad at.  Who knows what craziness goes on out there? I don’t think I want to know!  I wouldn’t be surprised if it was The Taliban or such.  Got the creeps from that mystery photo of a man walking on a nearby rooftop before the explosions went off.  No one knows if it’s real. I pray someone gets to the bottom of who is responsible soon before there’s more disaster happening.  Just wanted to add here stopping the guns won’t help people!  Look at the news just days ago where several people were stabbed by some crazy man.  Think about it.
   More scariness!  Someone apparently sent Obama a snail mail letter laced with ricin, a deadly poison!  Fortunately it was intercepted by security. Also a couple of packages were sent to Senator Roger Wicker, a Republican from Mississippi, and Senator Carl Levin, a Democrat from Michigan and of course fortunately never got there.  They were caught in time.  The Russell Building & the Hart office building were evacuated.  Concerning the Obama letter, thank God it was discovered in time!  As Gerald used to say we don’t want him to die and be considered a martyr for his cause. 
    More insanity in the world as New Zealand, of all places has approved the marriage equality bill!  As we have said many times people think they’re doing good, being kind to people when it’s actually harming the homosexuals’ soul.  No, its by nothing that God will punish them with, but what they are doing themselves.  When two people of the same sex have intimate relations they can’t exchange negative spiritual energy that builds up inside everyone at times, with positive energy as they could if they had relations with someone of the opposite sex.  It builds up in their souls and can cause irreprable damage as time goes on. It can even damage the souls of people who are constantly around them.  This is why God is against homosexuality and lesbianism.  He is trying to protect His children from harm any way He can.  He doesn’t hate gay people, he dislikes the sickness, the mental illness of homosexuality.  People have a choice.  Contrary to the popular believe people are not “born this way”.  But sometimes I feel so helpless and overwhelmed by those who are promoting this.  Why won’t they understand?
    So sad also is that Israel was hit by rockets from a “shadowy hard-line Muslim group most likely based in The Gaza Strip.”  It’s very painful to me, as the reincarnation of Sarah, The Mother Of Israel, to hear about God’s country being destroyed by senseless violence, a place so full of history and religious landmarks that can never be replaced.  All this in danger and of course His people besides.  Prayers to The Israeli People that they can stay safe and well.  This is also during the observance of Israel’s 65 anniversary of its founding.  Don’t forget, God is still with you.
    Also prayers go out to the people hit by the earthquake Tuesday in the Pakistan, Iran and Indian areas. 
   I agree with singer Adele’s choice of not to accept a huge publishing deal from HarperCollins who want her to write her memoir for them. She says 27 is too young to write this.  Hey guys, she’s got lots of good years ahead of her, and now even has a young son whose name she hasn’t given to the press.  She’s planning a 1950’s themed wedding which should be awesome!  Give her a break people!  Let her add many new chapters to write about first.  I assure you you won’t regret it!
    So sorry to hear Ozzy Osborne has been back on the booze and drugs for a year and a half.  However praise goes to him also for being clean and sober for 44 days now.  Rumors have been circulating that he’s getting a divorce from long time wife Sharon because right now they’re living apart.  This is definitely not true!  I hope things work out for them.  I really like them and they’re one of The Afterlife’s favorite celebrity couples.
    On a personal note, Tuesday and Wednesday have been my lucky days!  Tuesday at McDonald’s bingo I won one game and got the prize my neighbors donated, a Chinese waving cat lucky porcelain tea pot.  It looks like an antiqe.  I wish I could have it appraised but couldn’t find anyone to do it in this area.  Here’s the link to a pic I took of it.


    Then that night at penny bingo at home I was the big winner of 3 1/2 games!  That hasn’t happened in a long time. Wednesday at Burger King bingo I won like four or five games which meant I got free Whoppers and french fries!  I had to laugh, the caller told me as I was getting ready to leave, she recommended I buy a lottery ticket! LOL!  I was sorely tempted.  It’ll be a long time before this happens again.  I couldn’t help but wonder, did I have help from the tea pot?
    Have been getting my scanning of the next book in The History done.  Less than 100 pages to do now.  Then comes the art work, making the web site pages and copyrighting.  Definitely a labor of love.
    I will be done with counseling the last Friday of this month.  It’s been a long, hard road to get where I am now and well worth it.  Everyone tells me I’m doing great!  I think so too!  Like my counseling mantra says “I am awesome! I get stuff done!”  I will continue to do so.
    Support The National Buyers’ Strike! Save America and the world!
    Be sure to check out my blog The Spiritual Connection for my recent messages.


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