FROM JULY, 2,012

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June 6- Speaker Linda Polley now has a Word Press blog
on her web site.  Click Here to check out the
latest articles about the news and more!

Be it known to the world that Speaker Gerald Polley
took The Great Journey to The Afterlife on
July 4th, 2,012 at 6:40 p.m. EST of colon cancer.
The campaign is over.  Thanks for your support.
See the link to the updated message below for details.

July 4-  Speaker Linda Polley has an update on
Gerald, comments on Facebook's latest
update, and much more!

July 3- Speaker Linda Polley says she has
no message for today.  She'll try to have
one for tomorrow even though it's a

July 2- Speaker Linda Polley says Gerald may
only be here a few more days, God praises
Chinatown for standing up to Wal Mart,
a creepy weird news report and more!

July  1-  Speaker Linda Polley says her husband
Gerald's not doing well at all, she is also sad about Tom
Cruise getting a divorce, she thanks Speaker Boehner
for his good work and much more!

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