In this ongoing struggle to bring decency back to The United States, and, the world, we are having many ups and downs.  This is a links page to the messages we  have been sending out in the last few months.  God is fighting personally for His children, and the struggle is terrible!  He is betrayed almost every day by someone, somewhere.  And if we are to succeed we must rally our forces and bring stability back to the world.  Obama is trying to make that impossible.  He wants the world to fall into chaos so the human race will be destroyed forever.  We must stop him and, those among The Democrats that support him.  We will begin with the latest messages and work our way backwards.  But every message is important.  Every time God speaks out it is a cry to save His children, a plea for the world to listen.   He has given us power, and we have power ourselves, but only if we can combine our power with others' can we succeed.  No one faith alone can save the human race.  We must bind together into one force, respecting each other and using each others' strengths or all we cherish will pass away.  Our battle cry is "Let's save America!"  But it should also be "Let's save the world!"  Together we can do it.  God created The Tea Party to show The Republicans that we are mainstream, that we represent the majority of Americans who don't want their children sodomized or drugged, that do not want to be forced to buy health insurance.  These are just three issues.  Every day Obama is creating more.  Join the effort.  Join the cause. 
"Save the human race!"

Speakers Gerald & Linda Polley

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God The Father has decided that He
won't be giving personal messages any more, that from
now on Speaker Gerald Polley will be doing all the
talking.  This is purely so He can use the power elsewhere.
We are being so successful He wants Speaker Polley to
handle things himself. Click here for his messages.


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