April 30- God The Father gives a link to a special message from Pope Paul II to
Pope Benedict, The Catholic Church Of Poland & Catholics Of The World.
He also comments on The Royal Wedding and more.

April 28-  God The Father gives a link to a special message from Princess Diana To England,
explains the reason for the bad weather in the south, and He's not doin' it,
also mentions Obama's birth certificate & vampires,
 and that Linda got an apology from The Boston Globe.

April 27- God The Father explains about the recent severe spiritual attacks by
the creatures of Darkness, comments on Gates resigning,
how The Boston Globe
is trying to rip off Linda, and more.

April 26-  God The Father talks about many topics including
if The Royal Wedding will be rebroadcast in The Afterlife,
the trouble in Syria, and Guantanamo.

April 25-
God The Father explains again about several subjects
because people just haven't been listening including why He
doesn't believe Obama is a legal American citizen.

April 24- God The Father answers more questions from noah610,
answers a comment by the spirit of Michael Jackson,
tells why He shouldn't talk about The Amazons, and as usual much more.

April 23-
God The Father  has more fun telling off noah610 who sent his
actual (?) information. He also gives a link to the latest of Speaker Gerald Polley's
stories featuring The Ancient One, and says He has also lost
another one of His children. There's also much more.

April 22- God The Father once again tells noah610 exactly what He thinks of him,
explains more about John Lennon temporarily sitting on Jesus' Throne,
why it's so important to bring The Prophet Muhammed back and much more.

April 21- God The Father explains what Speaker Gerald Polley would do as president
punish Britain for their attacks on Libya, tells once again what was so bad
about the emails we got that drove Jesus away and more.

April 20- God The Father has fun telling off a guy called noah610 for sending
bad emails to Him,
sends a special message to our old friend Lorn and much more.

April 19- God The Father loses two more of His children, praises John Lennon,
and compliments Speaker Gerald Polley on his many adventures in this lifetime.
He also sends a special message to Arnold Schwarzenegger.

April 18-  God The Father once again explains what we are fighting
so desperately
 to overcome to save the human race.

April 17- God The Father explains how there has been more trouble in Heaven
 with a rebellion by Catholics, how it was resolved, and more.

April 15- God The Father comments on how He would like to see Gadhafi's daughter
become a courier/protector for Speaker Gerald Polley, tells why, also gives some facts
about Immortal Souls and lots more.

April 14- God The Father answers several important questions and replies to
a comment
Speaker Gerald Polley received in his email.

April 13- God The Father talks about the medical related problems his servant had
the day before while having a test at the hospital, and explains how The Catholics in
The Afterlife want to make sure The Pope received God's messages about His reforms.

April 11- God The Father explains about the rewards He will give newspapers
and other media
that endorses his servant Speaker Gerald Polley, during his campaign for
The Presidency Of The United States in 2,012,
and more.

April 10-  God The Father tells the American people they should not criticize
China for not allowing religious services to be held in homes when
similar things have happened in The United States, and as usual mentions much more.

April 9- God The Father speaks about a variety of subjects but mainly praises
His old friend Elgard for the press release he put online about
Speaker Gerald Polley's campaign announcement, and gives the link to it.

April 8- God The Father condemns the writer of a new biography about
Malcolm X because it is mostly lies.

April 7- Speaker Gerald Polley announces his 2,012 campaign for the presidency of
The United States, and God The Father
gives all kinds of information about
several people including some dissident artist guy in China!

April 5- God The Father explains how His servant's doctor visit didn't go well this day,
discusses Libya, The Middle East and much more.

April 4- God The Father explains how He personally punished the man in Florida
who burned The Koran for his actions, and tells about much more!

April 3- God The Father explains why The Polleys won't try to sell some
of their material on Ebay and more.

April 2-
  God The Father answers many questions including "What is biomass?", and,
"Why do you insist on young women as Speaker Polley's courier/protectors?" 

April 1- God The Father explains why He no longer calls His Servant
Speaker Gerald Polley Demetrius.  He also has a special message for Gadhafi Of Libya.

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